so not prom queen

Katie is a normal high school student who want nothing to do with the cool kids.but when she get nominated for for prom queen will she haft to change,and fall in love with one ,or will she always hate them. will she win the crown and the boy


3. me nominated your joking right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                           Katie's p.o.v

i hear the first bell time to leave this class and go to second period. my second period class is science my homeroom class and my least favorite class because it mr.llamodo i hate him and you can barely understand him. as i walk in i see him look at me. why is my teacher looking at me like that. pedo bear alert. he is so weird. i sit down in my seat, take my science book out, and start reading it. i hear the bell and the rest of the class starts settling down. i close my book and hear mr.llamodo say time to announce the nomination's for this class. nominated for prom king is niall horan, and for queen katie springs. WAIT WHAT. i dont want to be nominated for this how did my name end up on the ballot. well someone put your name up there. i did katie. i look behind me. it was one of the popular girls. i thought you would be a grate prom queen so i put your name on the ballet.


                                       Naill's p.o.v.

yes i got nominated and the best part is katie is to. im so happy now. my dream of being with katie just might come true






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