so not prom queen

Katie is a normal high school student who want nothing to do with the cool kids.but when she get nominated for for prom queen will she haft to change,and fall in love with one ,or will she always hate them. will she win the crown and the boy


1. good morning more like bad morning

                                        Katie's p.o.v             

beep beep beep. uugg i hate the week mornings, they are filled with me getting ready for school . oh how i hate school. with the popular kids and the not so popular kids. i'm in the middle of them i'm not popular but i'm not a unpopular. back to the stupid mornings. i get up get ready and that is all. ans yes i eat in the morning. as i walk down stairs i hear my mom yell to my little sisters to eat.unlike me my sisters don't like eating i don't know little sisters are twins they are blond and spoiled. that makes since right. ya i know. they might look alike but they are so diffident. Paige is the nice one that every one loves. Paige is so nice she will do any thing to make people happy. one the other hand Ronnie is so rude and mean.she is so cute but so mean. is that even possible.she will do any thing to make people are they twins. well when i walk down stairs i see a plate of pancakes on the table. yum mom are those pancakes for me. ya but hurry and eat them before your late for school. i hurry and eat. i get my bag and leave. my friend Terra waits in my drive way every morning. i get in to her car i hear her say " omg prom queen nomination's are today i hope i get picked" " dude its not a big deal" i say as we drive off" " well it's  a big deal  to me so " she said in a stern voice " OK OK can we stop talken about it " i said ready to get off that we drive in to the school lot i start wishing i never came.i walk in to school and see the 5 boys i hate the most. they are the most popular boys in school. the popular one is niall horan, then there is harry styles,nayn malik/louis tomlinson, and last liam payne. oh how i hate the popular's. as i walk by them i here niall say emo alert. i i stop for a second and say back well at least i know what 1 +1 is. as i walk away i here louis say just cause i cant do math does not mean to rub it in my face. they all start laughing. i walk away from the stupid people and say to my self i'm not emo i just like red and black together gosh i hope first period does not suck 

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