so not prom queen

Katie is a normal high school student who want nothing to do with the cool kids.but when she get nominated for for prom queen will she haft to change,and fall in love with one ,or will she always hate them. will she win the crown and the boy


5. dont hate me

Katie p.o.v

uuuggg prom queen really. i wanted nothing to do with prom i wasn't even going to go. no it looks like i haft  too. but you see the hardest part is not telling my was prom Queen mom it was tell my best friend Terra. she always wanted to be prom queen uugg worst day of my life. ok Terra is right there just tell her. hay Terri haft to tell you something. i could see she was sad. ya what is it. um well umm well i got nominated for prom queen. WHAT HOW DID YOU GET NOMINATED GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR IM SO MAD AT YOU RIGHT YOU SAID YOU DIDNT PUT YOUR SELF ON THE BALLAT YOU SAID YOU WASN'T GOING TO PROM. she ran off in tears. plz dont hate me.


niall p.o.v

i hear yelling i wonder what that was all about but i see katie looking sad so i go up to her. hay whats wrong my queen. 2 things 1 i got nominated 2 my friend terra is mad at me cause i got nominated. ow wait there is 3. 3 you called me your queen GROSS. i walk away thinking wow this is the best day of my life how can this get any better


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