so not prom queen

Katie is a normal high school student who want nothing to do with the cool kids.but when she get nominated for for prom queen will she haft to change,and fall in love with one ,or will she always hate them. will she win the crown and the boy


8. a trick around the corner.

As I sit in my room I start to think, you know what this could be fun. So I lay in my bed and go on my phone and searched up some really cute prom dresses. And I found the one. The one I wanted. All I wanted is to wear that dress,the dresses to prom. It's a sparkly dress with a fluffy botis. It was pink and beautiful. Then I hear a nock on my door. I open the door and it's terra. And you won't be leave what he said. She got the consul change the name so she would be nominated and I won't. So I said I'm not going and she said I could I would just look like a loser if I did go. I was mad I had to make up a excuse for her to leave. After I shut the door I start to tear up. Why now I really wanted to go know. So I climb the stairs all the way up to my room. And lay in bed all night. There hast to be a way I can change it back. There hast to be

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