She'll Shine Bright Like A Diamond

This is a little oneshot story, I've been written for my beloved mother who passed away 16/12-2012.


2. The Last Goodbye

Yesterday I came home from USA - I was laying in my bed, too tired too pack out my suitcase. At most I just wanted to sleep, but I needed to make my horses get some exercise. Therefore I grabbed my helmet and my riding boots and I went out to the barn. My mom were already there to saddle her horse up - I smiled at her and she asked me
"Can you hand me the bridle?" 
"Yes sure" I said and went into the tack room. 
I grabbed the bridle, and Emerald's sadle and bridle. 
I went over to Emerald's box and layed his saddle and bridle, and went after that over to my mom with the bridle.

She took on the bridle on her horse, and sat up.
"See you in the forest Jus!" she said, and rode out of the barn - I smiled and said "Yes sure, see you there mom to a bumpy ride on the horses!" 

I took out Emerald, and groomed him - I'd missed him so much. He definitely were the best horse I ever had.

After grooming I took on his saddle, and his bridle. I sat up and rode out, of the barn, and we strode to the forest, but my mom wasn't anywhere to see.

I started to wonder, if she had went into the forest, so I galloped into the dark forest and looked for here - but still no mom in sight.
Now I started to be worried, where could she be? And why isn't she here?

Suddenly I saw Chronos my mom's horse standing and grassing - but with no rider on, I rode over there, just too see my mom laying down on the grass bleeding from her head, dead.  

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