Love Struck


5. ~ 4

"What do you mean Perfect?!?!" I shot back at him "Its enough that I'm stuck in the same room as you!" I shouted

"You know why I said that?" He said with full of Hurt in his eyes

"Why?!" I said shouting louder

"Because I love you , I love everything about you , I know we just met today but still , I needed a way to win your heart okay?!" He shot back "That's why"

I stared at his eyes then his lips , all I could think of right now was kissing them , I held his shirt and brought him closer to me , and I kissed him , it was beautiful , now I know what a real kiss is. It was growing deeper and deeper , I felt a smile grow on his face while his lips where on mine , his tongue was begging for entrance and I let him in , we stayed like that for what seemed like forever until I stopped the kiss for air.

"Happy?" I asked

"Very" He said smirking

"Here's the deal" I said "Lets keep this relationship thing between us , don't tell anyone out there ok?" I said

"Yes" He said obeying my rule "But wait" He said pausing

"What?" I said sitting close to him

"This means that your dating me?" He said smiling

"Of course" I said leaning in for another kiss until

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me

Don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me
Don't cha
Don't cha
Don't you wish your girlfriend was raw like me
Don't you wish your girlfriend was fun like me

"Erm , Thats Louis' ringtone" He said

"Of course it is" I said rolling my eyes

"Hello?" Harry said "You guys want me to watch Sky while your out partying?" He continued "Okay" He then hung "Lets go watch a movie" He said planting a kiss on my lips

"Okay" I said

We watched Toy Story 3 and I noticed Harry fall asleep , I got up slowly so I don't wake him up , I kissed his lips so lightly , they where so soft.

I went back to my room , jumped on the bed and went to a peaceful sleep.





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