Love Struck


4. ~ 3


"I had a really great time tonight" I said smiling

"Me too , thank you so much Sky" Lou said hugging me

"Anytime" I said

I was walking away while somebody grabbed my hand.

"Wait" Harry said "Why don't you come live with us for the mean time?" He continued

"Erm , I don't know , Didn't I tell you that I just want to be frien-"

"That would be a lovely idea!" Louis interrupted 

"Ok , let me ask my parents" I said reaching for my phone in my purse

"I already did" I heard Harry say

"Okay! Great , let me go pack" I said

"I already did" He said again

"But... how?" I asked , he was taking this too far

"Your mom did" He said pointing behind me

I turned around to see my mom grinning and carrying my favorite blue suitcase.

"Surprise!" She said

"Mom! Hi..." I said awkwardly

"Lets get going" Liam said

We hopped in the car and drove to the house

"Wow" I said with my jaw dropped

"Close your mouth love , you'll catch flies" Harry whispered to me in my ear

He sent shivers down my spine

When I walked in the house , we all had to agree who we are sharing rooms with because there aren't enough rooms for all of us

"I'm with Niall!" Liam shouted

"I call Zayn!" Louis said

"Well I guess that leaves us .... together ..... same room" He said awkwardly 

"I'll be upstairs" I said walking there

When I opened the door to the room , I took a look around the room , there was a nice carpet , nice little white dresser , good sized bathroom , and one bed , one bed , one bed.

Those words just kept repeating in my head , one bed.

I heard the door open and Harry entered , he too saw the one bed and he said



*A.N* DONT WORRY , ITS NOT GONNA BE DIRTY ;) Ok bye !! Thanks for reading !

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