Love Struck


3. ~ 2


I got very furious , I went back to the refreshment and got a hot drink , I walked over to him.

"Is this hot enough for you?" I said pouring the hot drink on top of him

I heard the crowd gasp and laugh

"I'm out , oh , and Happy Birthday BooBear" I said smiling and walking proudly


I was talking to Zayn in the corner of the Main Room

"Don't you think Sky is hot?" I asked Zayn

"Lad , I don't want to get in trouble , I'll just keep my mouth shut" Zayn said pretending to zip his mouth and lock it.

"Whatever , but I just need to win her heart , and her" I said smirking

I just talked some more with Zayn until I heard Sky talking

"Is this hot enough for you?" She said pouring some kind of hot liquid on me

She placed the glass cup on the table in front of me and walked out proudly , before leaving , she wished Lou a Happy Birthday , and she walked out.

I was such a jerk , we were about to be friends , but I just had to ruin it.

I grabbed a paper towel and ran out to talk with her

"Sky! Sky , please come back , I'm really really sorry for being such a jerk , I told you earlier that I can't stop talking about how beautiful you are" I said below a whisper

"Don't you mean Hot?" She said really mad , I swear that if she was a cartoon , steam would be coming out of her ears , ALOT of steam.

"Err , Yeah" I said scratching the back of my wet head "Please , just give me one last chance , please Sky" I said begging on my knees 

"Fine , but on one condition" She said

"Anything" I said getting up and leaning to her

She was leaning in too , I fell for her beautiful blue eyes , we were only inches apart from kissing , until she spoke up.

"The condition!"

"Err , Yeah , what is it" I said kind of hurt

"Look Harry , your a really nice guy but I think that we should stick to friends , who knows , maybe we can kiss when we're together" She said shrugging

"So you'll give me a chance?" I asked

"Friends , yes , couples , no" She said looking down

"Okay , lets go back" I said

"Sure" She said

I grabbed her hand , but she let go.

"Sorry" I said

"Ok" She said back

We went back to the party and had a pretty good time actually , I got to know lots about her , and she got to know a lot about me too.


*A.N* Thanks for reading <3 ! Bye ! <3 :) :D


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