Love Struck


2. ~ 1


  Today was the big day , Louis' birthday , as I told you earlier , its gonna be on a yacht , everybody will wear formal dresses and suits. I'm getting ready , (dress links in the comments)

  I drove to where the yacht was placed perfectly on the ocean , I walked in to see everybody talking about when Louis is going to arrive , we told the captain to inform us once he sees them coming so we can hide and surprise him.


  Finally , its the day were I get to see my best friend that I haven't seen in a year , and to top that off , I don't know where the lads are taking me , they made me wear this tux and blindfolded me.

  "Are you ready Louis?" Harry said wrapping the blindfold on me tightly while stepping out the door of the house.   

"I guess" I said shrugging.  

"Then lets get going" Liam said opening the car door for me.  

I entered the car cautiously because I can't see , I heard the car start up and off we drove.  

*SKY'S POV*   I started eating because Louis was rather getting late , but I stopped as soon as I heard the captain say : "Everybody , hide , they are coming"   I ran slowly because of my heels and closed the lights in the main room and stood in front of the door , I heard shuffling , I knew it was them.  

I prepared my self for this moment , the door knob turned and there stood 5 boys , well dressed and might I say , they where handsome.   One of them was Louis. They couldn't see me.   One of them opened the lights and took of Louis' blindfold.   "Surprise" I and everybody else said.   "Sky!" Louis' said jumping on me.   "Oh my god Louis I missed you so much" I said hugging him tighter   "Okay , okay , enough hugging , I need one too" A curly haired boy said smirking with his hands open ready for a hug.   "No Harry , she has to know who we are first" The boy with a buzz cut said reaching his hand over for me to shake it "Hello , I'm Liam" He said smiling.   "I'm Niall" The blondie with an Irish accent said.   "I'm Zayn" The boy with several nice tattoos said.   "And I'm Harry" The boy from earlier said.   "Hi guys , I'm Skylar , but you can call me Sky" I said awkwardly    I began to notice Harry checking me out , I quickly walked away pushing Louis in my direction (direction :p)   "Louis , can you tell your friend Harry to stop acting so rude , its really annoying" I said holding my anger   "Relax Sky , he's always like this" Louis said fixing his hair   "Whatever" I said walking away   I went to get some refreshments until Harry showed up   "Look Sky , I'm sorry for acting so rude back there , it's just hard to stop looking at a girl as beautiful as you" He said in a low voice   I began to notice that I was blushing , I heard Harry laugh.   I quickly spoke "Yeah , uhm okay , I guess that means we can be friends?" I said   "Yeah , I'd like that" He said nodding   "Ok , see you around" I said grabbing my pepsi and walking away quickly   I went over to the rest of the boys to get to know them better until I over heard Harry talking about how "Hot" I am to Zayn.

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