Friends or more....

INFO ABOUT THE FANFIC: Laura styles Is the sister of harry styles she is 17 years old,she has a boyfriend , she supports her brother's band one direction,she was adopted. Read to find out more.


1. x-factor 2010

Laura's Pov

Me and mum were watching x factor semi final I was happy for what my brother achieved. I was voting for one direction to win then they announced who went through the finals. "The person who didn't go through the finally direction." Is I heard that I started crying because I wanted my brother to make his dreams come true ....a Singer. The next harry came home with Louis, niall, zayn and liam. I ran up to them and gave them a big bear hug.

Thanks sis for that bear hug harry said. Yeah thx zayn said in a woman's voice. I started laughing. Laura I brought you something Louis said hands laura a carrot plush. Thank you Louis i said. Louis says we all got you a gift because we know you miss us. As liam hands laura a box that has a shirt that says 1..2..3..flick thanks liam I love thus shirt.Harry gave me cat plush....I love hazza. Niall had gave laura a big box once I opened it there was another box inside I opened it tgen there was a tiny box that had a gift card to nando's. Thank you nialler!!!! I said. Zayn gave me a box once I opened it I saw a necklace that had my name on it <3's 1D. I love it you guys I gave them all hugs.

Sorry the intro is LAME I have to go to school and I have mid-terms this week and comment if you think this series is gonna a awesome and comment suggestions.
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