Live While We're Young

Regina and Gretchen are two best friends living together in LA. One day they go back to there home town to catch up with friends and take a break from there job as photographers. On their flight back to LA the meet Blondie and Curly, where does it go from there?


2. The Roller Coaster that is Life

*Gretchen Ross's POV* 

"I can't believe were finally visiting Oregon again, it's good to be home!" I say while wrapping my arms around Nicole and Gina's shoulders. 

"Where shall we eat? California Pizza Kitchen? Or California Pizza Kitchen? Your pick!" Snickered Nicole. 

"Hmmm... that's a hard decision... I'll have to go with California Pizza Kitchen.." Gina said rolling her eyes. 

"The closest one is in Portland! lets go im starving!" Begged Nicole. 

I couldn't complain because their food is to die for. We drove into the small weird city of Portland full of funny expressive people which is what I love about it. I forgot how much I missed it. 

"Were here ladies!" Brie announced. 

We all ran through the revolving doors into the aroma filled California Pizza Kitchen. Our stomachs growled as we saw the large line. 

"Hey what's going on outside near Voodoo Doughnuts?" Questioned Regina. 

We all looked outside as we saw a group of girls screaming and jumping non stop! 

"It's probably nothing, maybe they came out with a new flavor?!" I said with excitement. We all nodded in agreement. 

"Table for four this way ladies." Directed our waiter to a booth next to a big window that out looked where the group of girls were. "I'll be right back with some waters girls." 

"Thank you....steve!" Nicole said reading his name tag. 

"How was your flight?" asked Brie.

"It was great! I slept most of the flight, and I weirdly enough had a dream of Harry Styles, one of the members of the band One Direction that we used to fan girl over in high school. But Gretchen woke me up before anything interesting happened!" Regina said giving me the evil eye. 

"Oh I'm terribly sorry that I literally broke your dreams Regina." I said sarcastically.

"Here's your food and drinks, and there's also a note for you two lucky ladies." Steve winked pointing to Regina and me. Nicole grabbed the note reading it with an exited look. I started stuffing my face, not disappointed with there food as always.

"Looks like this note of yours is from two boys!" Nicole said giggling.

"Let me see that!" I said coughing and grabbing the note not knowing what to expect. 

We have learned to enjoy the Roller coaster that is life, and we

saw you across Voodoo Doughnuts and my friends dared us to send

you a note asking to meet us at PDX airport at eight tonight at

Star-bucks:) -Blondie and Curly 

"Portland is just how I remembered it, just full of crazies! It makes me laugh." I say while crumpling the note up. I looked outside to see if those boys were still there, but it was already dark out. The others girls completely disagreed with the note. They were so exited and thrilled about the pointless thing. 

"Anyways... since not EVERYONE cough Gretchen cough isn't convinced that this could be Regina and and Gretchen's soul long are you guys staying in Oregon?" asked Nicole.

"Were actually just staying for the day. We wanted to stay longer but our schedule is packed, we were lucky to even visit today!" I confessed.

"Well I'm glad you guys could make it at-least. Why are you guys so busy?" Brie asked.

"Ever since we started living in LA we both got amazing photography jobs for magazines, and we haven't had much time since we got them." Regina explained.

"We have to be at the airport by 9 tonight and it's already 7:20 so we should be going, and maybe go meet those boys?" Regina said nudging my shoulder. 

"Maybe, I'll think about it you crazy girl." I laughed. We hugged one another and said our goodbyes promising to skype and email as soon as possible.

"Gretchen go meet those boys at the airport tonight, let go and live while your young. You won't regret it." Nicole whispered to me. With that being said Regina and me drove to the airport not knowing whether to meet these so called blondie and curly. 




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