Live While We're Young

Regina and Gretchen are two best friends living together in LA. One day they go back to there home town to catch up with friends and take a break from there job as photographers. On their flight back to LA the meet Blondie and Curly, where does it go from there?


3. She's Not Afraid

*Regina Johnson POV*
"Gina! What the cracker jacks!!! If you honk that horn one more time and make me burn my tongue on this delicious pizza then ill sue you for making me never be able to taste food again!"
"Really Gretch, we are 19 you can say fuck now with out getting in trouble by mommy!" I said rolling my eyes, she's so innocent.
"Back off Gina if i wanted to say it, i would!"
"Fine, no need to get sassy, now lets get going." I say parking the car in the rental place and jogging over to the air port. Its very cold out tonight.
"Hey Gina can I ask you something?" Gretchen asks as we are walking towards our gate. She sounds serious.
"Sure, what's up?" I ask a little worried.
"I was just thinking about that note we got back at the pizza place, you know how it talked about riding the roller coaster that is life? Well do you think I'm to safe and boring!? I feel like I never take risks and have fun."
"Gretchen. I could never think your boring! I have so much fun with you! Your a blast in a glass!" I say trying not to laugh but I can tell she doesn't believe me
"If your that worried about it, you want to take a risk, and have a little fun then we could go find those boys in the Starbucks." I say nudging her and giving a little wink.
Gretchen giggles at me because I make the most ridiculous face when I wink which is why I only do it when absolutely needed. I can tell she's thinking about going to find those boys. What did the call themselves? Blondie and Curly? Weird nick names if you ask me.
Suddenly Gretch grabs my arms with a big smile on her face, interrupting my wandering thoughts. I knew what she was going to say before she said it, but I had to hear her say it out loud.

"Gina, lets go find those boys!"

We start racing to the Starbucks knowing exactly where everything is in this air port. We have been here so many times it's like a second home almost. I look at Gretchen and we are running through the air port as we connect eyes and start laughing. I think we both know how ridiculous this is, but we also know that there is a chance the boys won't be there. It's past 8 and that's when they said to meet them. We come around a corner an into the view of the Starbucks. We start slowing down and fixing our hair and clothes making sure we look alright. I mean if there cute we wan to look good right!?
"Gina, you have a stray piece of hair sticking up." She says reaching over to fix it for me.
"Thanks Gretchen." I say looking at her to see if there is anything out of place. Of course there is nothing. She's looking great as usual.
"You look perfect. Lets go meet these guys before our flight."
We walk in to the Starbucks totally calm and acting casual. I start looking around for Blondie and Curly boys.
"There not here..."
"It's alright Gretch, we tried!" I say giving her a squeeze. As we turn around and make our way to our gate.
"Last call for flight 163 to LA" comes over the intercom. We race to our gate and walk to our seats. Feeling disappointed I carelessly shove my things in the compartment above our seats. I look at Gretchen who is sitting down already putting on the seat belt.
"It's pretty empty on this plane Gretch. It's kind of weird.
"It's a later flight on a week day. People aren't traveling as much."
Hmm wired I sit down and Put my seat belt on preparing for the take off as the flight attendant tells us about the emergency exits. Not noticing the two boys sitting a few rows behind us.
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