Live While We're Young

Regina and Gretchen are two best friends living together in LA. One day they go back to there home town to catch up with friends and take a break from there job as photographers. On their flight back to LA the meet Blondie and Curly, where does it go from there?


7. Say CHEESE!!

*Regina Johnson POV*
"I'm so tired!" I say yawning as I unlock the door to Gretchen's and my apartment.
"Me too!"
"How can you be tired! You and Niall slept pretty much the whole plane ride, besides waking up to eat. You even slept through Love Actually which is an amazing movie!"
"I'm sorry! Niall is just so warm and comfy!"
I turn to Gretchen so she can see me roll my eyes but she was just so happy and excited by everything that happened today so instead I rapped her in a big hug.
"Go to bed Gretch. We have a busy day tomorrow. That big photo shoot is going on, and we have to be there early."
"Ok good night Gina. I'm never going to forget today." She said with a sigh
"Me either, love you! Night." I yelled as I closed my bedroom door.
"Love you too! " she shouts
I'm so tired, that I don't take a shower. I just brush my teeth, wash my face then take off my pants and crawl into bed.
Next thing I know is my phone ringing. I reach over and answer it
"Hello?" I ask in a groggy morning voice.
"Hi Gina, this is Kelly from the reception desk. Just wanted to let you know that your client is here. They are wondering where you are."
"Oh yes, Hi Kelly. Gretchen and I are on our way. See you in ten minutes!" I say trying to sound wide awake. I hung up my phone grabbing my purse and pulling on some clothes as I ran across the hall to wake up Gretchen.
"Gretchen! Get your ass up! We are so fucking late! I'm getting in the car! Meet me out there!"
I hear a shout coming from her room. I'm guessing she stubbed her toe or something. I run out the door and started the car. At the same time trying to find my hair tie so I can throw my hair up and not have to worry about It.
Gretchen comes out, also with her hair in a bun and hops in the car.
"Well, it's a good thing work is only 5 minutes away!" She says as I back out and drive to work.
"Yeah and it's a good thing we set up all the lights and equipment yesterday before we left!"
Gretchen and I rush into the building. Kelly runs up to us giving us our cameras.
"Thank you, Kelly. This shoot will take about an hour. What else is on our schedule today?" I ask as Gretchen grabs some food from a near by table.
"Umm well it looks like this is your only client today. Actually your schedule isn't very busy for the next two days and they you go on your 4 week vacation."
"Ok. Thank you." I say a bit disappointed. I love working with people and the lights and taking pictures so the people look perfect. It's a passion and I know Gretchen isn't going to be happy about it either.
I walk by as grab Gretchen getting onto the set to take some pictures. The room is set up like a snowy forest and the models are beautiful. There are 3 girls and 2 very handsome men. Gretchen goes and directs them where to go and I adjust the light just a little before we both get to snapping our photos. We have music playing and we are laughing and having a great time. The time flew by and soon we were turning off the lights and loading our photos to the computer.
"That was a fun shoot!" Gretchen says.
"Yeah, it was! Those models were so fun! We haven't done a shoot that fun in a while! And look how great the photos came out!"
"Oh my gosh! They look great! Whens our next shoot?"
"Um we actually aren't booked for another one till after break." I say watching Gretchen's face drop a bit.
"Oh well that's ok. I'm excited for break! We should go somewhere fun!" Gretchen says.
"Yes we-" my phone cuts me off. I pull it out of my pocket to see who it is.
"Who is it?" Gretchen asks seeing the excitement grow in my expression.
"It's Harry!" I shout jumping up and down!
"Well hurry up and answer it!" She screams jumping with my.
"Oh right! Hello?" I say trying to act calm. And like I didn't already know who it was.
"Hello, love! It's Harry!"
"Oh! Hi Harry! What's up?" I ask as Gretchen puts her ear next to the phone trying to hear. Well the boys and I were supposed to have a photo shoot today but our camera guy never showed up and I remember Gretchen saying you guys are professional photographers. Soooo would you mind being our photographers today?"
"Ummm.." I pause looking at Gretchen and knew she was thinking what I was thinking "We would love to! Just text me the info and we will be on our way." I say sounding excited but professional.
"Ok great! Thank you so much! Can't wait to see you love!"
"And Gretchen to!" I heard Niall shout in the background before we hung up the phone.
"Ahhhh!!! Lets go!" I shout. "So excited to see then all!! Omg." I yell as I run out the building getting in the car.
"Me too!!!!" Gretchen says.
I get a text from Harry.

"91640 lumiere st. Can't wait to see you! xx"

I read the text, and got butterflies in my stomachs.
"Cant wait to see you to!" i reply

I entered in the address in my GPS and we were on our way.
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