Live While We're Young

Regina and Gretchen are two best friends living together in LA. One day they go back to there home town to catch up with friends and take a break from there job as photographers. On their flight back to LA the meet Blondie and Curly, where does it go from there?


8. picture perfect day

*Gretchen's POV* 

We made sure we looked extra cute for this photo shoot. Even though we weren't going to be the ones on the pictures, we had a reason to look good today. 

"How do I look?" I asked Regina, pointing to my mint colored sweater, dark blue skinny jeans, and brown combat boots. 

"You look absolutely stunning my dear." Regina announced. Regina looked adorbs as well, with her denim button up with the studs on the collar, and her hair all curly. Perfect for Harry, they can be a curly couple. I thought giggling. 

"We are minutes away from being able to look at One Direction for hours, and get paid for it!" I said fanning myself. 

"I love our job." Regina said high fiving me. 

"What is the photo shoot for? I mean for what magazine?" I asked. 

"The one and only Teen Vogue!" Regina screamed! 

"Turn right on Wilshire Blvd." Ordered our GPS. 

We turned to the huge building of Teen Vogue itself. 

"Wow, I love working for 16 Magazine, but this is some building!" Regina said looking up.

"Enough starring, lets go girl!" I shouted. We grabbed our equipment and jumped out. I checked my braid bun in our car windows, and caught up with Regina to the front door, with the boys waiting, waving like crazy. We waved back laughing.

"Blimey it is so brill that you two could make it!" Harry said while the other boys opened the doors for us. 

"Your so welcome! We've always wanted to take photos for Teen Vogue, so thank you!" Regina explained.

"So this is de other lads; Louis, Zayn, and Liam." Niall introduced. They all gave us warm welcoming hugs.

"I'm sure glad these cheeky lads followed through with the dare!" Louis winked.

"Yeah, we don't know what we would of done without you two!" Liam added.

"Guys it's time to get into wardrobe!" Shouted a man who looked like the one in charge, next to him stood a purple haired women who looked like their hair stylist. 

"Alright see you up their loves!" Harry said waving. We walked up minutes later to a huge room full of huge lights, green and blue backgrounds, a brick wall background, and a red mini cooper. Now that's a prop! We put up our cameras and equipment, and once we were done the boys started walking in looking amazing. They all walked up in front of the brick wall background. Zayn warring a leather jacket with a wool collar, Niall wearing a jean jacket, Louis wearing a cream colored button up jacket, and Liam and Harry wearing wool jackets. There all wearing jeans, but Niall's wearing wool pants and a hat; the ones that chimney cleaners ware. He looked so cute and stylish I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. I smiled just noticing that he saw me starring, he smiled back. 

"Okay lean your backs against the wall, and put your hands in your pockets." Regina ordered.

"Now all of you pretend that your in a city leaning against a building, and your just thinking deeply about you life." I requested.

"In other words make a serious face?" Louis sassed.

"Use your imagination ya wanker!" Harry said pushing Louis's shoulder. They all started laughing at their bickering. We then took ones of them separately with the bricks and in front of the blue background. Then we moved on to taking a picture of all of them in the mini cooper. They all made it work. Louis at the wheel, Niall at shot gun, Zayn in the back, and the rest on the roof. They were really good at working with their surroundings.

"We don't need to direct you, your in perfect position, this will be a great shot!" I said about to take the picture. 

"BEEP BEEP!" Louis honked. We both almost dropped our cameras, we were so startled. They all bursted out laughing at our reaction. Their laughs were so contagious that we couldn't be mad, and started laughing ourselves. We took about thirty more shots, and called it a day. They came running over and gave us both a huge group hug. 

"We are so grateful that you both were able to come, and the lads and I were thinking of thanking you by taking you two to the XFactor finale with us as dates!" Harry shouted. 

"We would love to!" We answered in unison. 

"Brilliant! It's tomorrow at six, we will text you lovely ladies all the details." Harry said kissing Regina's cheek. Then Niall did the same to me, butterflies exploded in my stomach, and I could feel my cheeks getting red.  

"So glad that we met the rest of the crew today! Teen Vogue will decide what pictures to use, we can't wait to see how they turn out!" Regina said clapping her hands exited. 

"Me too! Wish you girls could of gotten some shots, your both stunning." Liam said smiling. All the boys nodded in agreement. 

"You guys ready to go?" Asked a tall big man, probably their body guard.

"We will be right out Paul." Zayn replied.

"We got ter go, but tanks again loves! an we ill see yer tomorrow raun six." Niall reminded.

"Oh and the stylist Tony wanted to see you ladies." Liam said pointing. We waved goodbye and walked up to Tony. 

"Hey ladies, thank you so much for coming at such a short notice, and to show you my appreciation you ladies may have some cloths! Heres your checks for todays work, and the racks are that way!" Tony said pointing. We thanked him and ran to the thousand dollar materials waiting for us. There was every brand imaginable! 

"We should pick out dresses to ware for tomorrow!" Regina hollered. We picked out the perfect dresses and shoes, thanked Tony again, and went home as happy as any girl could ever be. What a picture perfect day. 

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