Live While We're Young

Regina and Gretchen are two best friends living together in LA. One day they go back to there home town to catch up with friends and take a break from there job as photographers. On their flight back to LA the meet Blondie and Curly, where does it go from there?


16. Irresistible

*Regina's POV* 

"Guys don't get me wrong, we would love to go to the UK with you guys! we have always wanted to go! But there's one tiny problem...we don't have passports." I explained while getting out of the pool, the others following. 

"Oh that is a problem...well we can just order them! It'll take a week for them to come so us and the boys will fly there tomorrow and you pretty ladies can join us when the passports come!" Niall decided. 

"I don't want to leave you though, I'll miss you way to much." Harry said squeezing me tight, getting me wet again after just drying off, but I couldn't complain. 

"It'll be hard to fly away from your irresistible qualities, how will I survive a whole week without my girl?" Niall said while grabbing Gretch into a huge bear hug. 

"Well what do we all want to do for our last night being together?" I asked. And before Niall could answer he picked Gretch up and ran all the way back to the house.

"Or not together?" Suddenly I am surprised when strong wet arms wrap around me. A shiver goes through my whole body. 

"I know what I want to do." Harry said grinning exposing his dimples. I look down blushing. I don't know how I'm going to survive with out seeing him for a whole week. He picked me up and he took me into the hot tub, turning the motors on. 

"Let's just relax today, and maybe we will go do something tonight." Harry suggested. I nodded in agreement still stunned at how fit he is. 

*Niall's POV*

As soon as Regina asked what we were going to do, I had no question what I wanted to do; spend every last minute that I can with Gretchen, so I carried Gretch all the way back to the house. She laughed all the way up. I loved her laugh, and she couldn't stop blushing which I adored.

"What are you doing silly?" Gretch said laughing.

"Regina asked what we were going to do and I answered with my actions not my words." I answered leaning her down into a movie kiss, finishing it with kissing her cute nose. She couldn't stop smiling, and neither could I. I put her on my back and gave her a piggy back ride all the way up to the stairs to their main room. 

"So do you wana stay at this house or go some where else?" I asked looking behind at my cutie. She replied with a long breathtaking kiss. 

"Anywhere involving being with you." She said winking. And with that I made it so that I was holding her with her legs around my waist. Neither of us talked and we just stayed there in silence starring into each-others blue eyes, just breathing, and hearing our hearts beat. I broke the moment with having her pressed against the wall, I went in for a kiss and she excepted, our tongues in perfect rythm with one another. I wrapped my hands around her butt to keep holding her up, she responded with pulling at my hair and kissing my neck which was my weak spot. I carried her to a love seat perfect for two.

*Harry's POV*

 "It sure is hot in here." Regina commented whipping sweat off her forehead.

"I know how to make it hotter." I replied while pulling her into my lap. She wrapped her arms around me looking amused.

"Wow you weren't kidding, you do look hotter." She said winking. I don't usually like showing my cheekiness around girls because so many people label me as that, but with Regina I don't mind showing it.

"I wish we could just stay here in this moment, forever, I couldn't ask for anything more than you being here with me." I said while pushing her hair behind her ear. I couldn't wait any longer, I put my arms around her waist and went in for a kiss.

*Regina's POV*

I kissed him back loving every minute of it. I found myself moving my hand through his wet curls, he replied with taking my T-shirt off which I surprisingly still had on. Being with Harry was everything I always thought it would be and better, he gives me a natural high that makes me automatically happy, especially when we get physical. It's almost like he was reading my mind because he started going even further by suddenly feeling my breasts all the way down to my bum. I was having an amazing time, but it was getting too hot in here.  

"Wana get out of the tub? It's getting too hot." I pleaded.

"I completely agree my frisky little feline." He said winking giving me a last squeeze on my bum. He then picks me up out of the tub. I never get to walk anymore with this guy around.

"I could get used to this." I said looking up at him.

*Gretchen's POV* 

I can't believe I'm here on a love seat, well technically on a Niall seat(his lap)I've never been this happy with a guy. He's everything I've ever wanted.

"How did I get so lucky with being with a guy like you?" I asked while kissing his neck.

"Probably because your 10 times more amazing than me and not too mention that your a great kisser." He winked, while going in for a kiss. I kissed him slowly and irresistibly. I take off his shirt exposing his toned arms which were wrapped around my waist. I then look up at the clock.

"Wow it's already 9:00pm." I realized.

"Well time does fly when your having fun." Niall said holding me tighter.

"Let me assist you to the bed me lady." Niall requested while picking me up not really giving me a choice. He placed me on the bed and started crawling closer and closer. I loved when he did this, it made him look both sexy and beyond cute. He was half way to my embrace but then he suddenly pounces on me not wanting to wait any longer. We kept kissing for what seemed like a lifetime, but was only 20 minutes. 

"Hey Niall you wana watch a film on the telly?" I recommended.

"We can put one on but it doesn't mean that we have to watch it." Niall said winking. I loved how cheeky he was being I couldn't get enough of it! But I wanted to spend time with him just chatting with some kisses in between of course. So i gave him a peck on the lips and slipped in the movie Warm Bodies.

"I thought I'd get this movie because I know how much you've been dying to see it." I said laughing.

"Nice pun there girl, you crack me up! Have you ever thought about saying puns for a non-living?" Niall joked.

"We are just so punny tonight arn't we?" I said laughing along with Niall. 

*Harry's POV*

We are walking side by side hand in hand eyes interlocked not leaving each-others eyes. And I'm serious, like no joke I'm not even watching where I'm walking. 

"Harry watch out, you were this close to walking into a tree ya goof ball!" Regina said trying to give me a noogy. It was cute watching her try,  but our height different made her noogy abilities useless. 

"Hey Gretch just txted me to join them upstairs, their watching a movie!" Regina announced starting to run to the house. I started running after her and caught up with her at the front door. 

"This has been such an amazing day, just being with you, I can't wait to spend more days like this with you." I said looking down at Regina. 

"I agree, but it's going to be so hard to watch you go." Regina replied hugging me as tight as she could. I embraced her back resting my head on her shoulder. 

"Hey look on the bright side, atleast you'll have a great bum to look at as I leave." I said licking my finger and making my butt sizzle. Regina laughed and punched me in the arm. We then ran all the way up stairs and knocked on the main room door. 

"Is it safe to enter?" I asked putting my ear to the door. 

"Come on in! We got popcorn for everyone!" Niall hollered back. With that we opened the door and jumped on the king sized bed with them cuties all cuddled together. 

"Oh were watching a zombie movie? Won't that give you nightmares ms night light?" Regina snickered at Gretchen. 

"Regina shush up!!" Gretchen yelled while throwing pillows at her. Gretchen had no idea what battle she had just begun. It was on. I threw a fat pillow back at Gretchen making Niall protective following with Niall throwing a ton at me resulting in me being piled under a ton of pillows. 

"Okay okay truce truce you win Nialler." I pleaded pretending I was seriously hurt. 

"Enough funny business guys lets watch the movie!!" Regina ordered. We all agreed, cuddled up on the bed and watched till the end of the film. 

*Gretchens POV* 

I wake up seeing the night-light in the corner of the room, Niall being the cutie that he is probably put it on for me. I then look around and it looks like Harry and Regina left probably down stairs on the couch. I look to my left to Niall fast asleep, his face facing me, looking as calm as ever. Our faces were inches apart, I leaned closer and started lightly kissing his lips, and wrapped my leg around his. I could suddenly feel his mouth turn into a smile, and he slightly opened his tired eyes. 

"I couldn't ask for a better wake up darling." He whispered. 

"If you ever need a job, I would be happy for you to be my personal alarm clock." He said kissing me back. 

"I would be happy to." I smiled. Minutes after we fell deep asleep keeping a hold of each-other all through the night, not wanting to think about departing tomorrow. 







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