Live While We're Young

Regina and Gretchen are two best friends living together in LA. One day they go back to there home town to catch up with friends and take a break from there job as photographers. On their flight back to LA the meet Blondie and Curly, where does it go from there?


17. Good Morning

*Regina's POV*

I wake up thinking about how amazing last night was. I open my eyes to Harrys light snores, feeling his chest rise and fall against my back. Our legs intertwined and my backside pressed against his front with one of his arms draped over me. I turn in his arms wanting to see his face but my movement must have woken him because when I was finally facing him his green eyes peeked at me from under his eyelids. The corners if his mouth reached high up his face into a big sleepy smile.
"Good morning beautiful." He whispers in his deep raspy morning voice.

*Gretchen's POV*

I wake up feeling his lips on mine. I wrap my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to give him a proper kiss.
"Sorry to wake you, just thought it was my turn to get you up with a kiss and I couldn't wait any longer." Niall tells me against my lips.
"You were right, it is a nice way to wake up." I say as I run my fingers through his messy bed hair.

*Harry's POV*

"Can we stay like this forever?" She whispers into my ear.
"You are so cute in the morning, I love waking up with you in my arms." I say and wrap my arms tighter around her waist while pull her closer. Her eyes are so big and brown I just find myself getting lost in them.
"I don't want you to go." Gina says as she traces her fingers over my tattoos.
"I don’t want to go either, not without you. But you will be joining us in a week! I think we are going to be staying with the boys and there girlfriends at my step dad’s bungalow in Holmes Chapel. We haven't been in a while so we wanted to go back and make more memories. And liam has a new girlfriend for us to meet!"
"I can’t wait!" Her big brown eyes look up at me and I see the excitement there. She reaches up and pushes my hair out of my eyes and leans in for a kiss.
*I"M GONNA WIN!" I hear Gretchen shout as she bursts into the kitchen.
"NUH UH I GOTCH YA!" Niall shouts as his arms wrapped around her waist and swung her around sending her into a fit of laughter.
"Fine I guess it was a tie! So who's hungry!?" Gretchen says finally seeing us cuddled up on the floor.
"Eh I’m not that hungry." Gina answered.
"How long have you guys been awake?!" I ask noticing they were already showered and ready not looking the least bit tired.
"Not sure, it’s impossible to keep track of time with this girl around." Niall answers kissing Gretchen on the cheek.
"Oh yeah? Well its impossible to keep track of anything with all your shouting." I said to Niall as I rolled my eyes at him. He wasn't even fun to try to argue with because he had his head in the refrigerator already.
"I guess this is what we get for sleeping in the living room." I whisper in Gina's ear.
"That’s ok, I had a great morning and I should to go take a shower anyway." She says sitting up on her knees and running her fingers through her hair.
My eyes travel down her body. She was wearing purple pajama shorts and a black tank top. Her long black wavy hair was cascading down her back, I couldn't help myself...


*Regina's POV*

As I was getting up I felt Harrys hands around my waist as he tackled me to the ground, landing on top of me.
“What-” I start to ask through my laughter but was cut off my his lips crushing into mine. Our tongues meet and heat flows through our bodies as he pushed himself against me making sure there was no part of our bodies that weren’t connected. I didn’t think it was possible for us to get any closer but I didn’t mind, my fingers finding his curls and my lips turned up into an irresistible smile against his lips.
“I need to shower.” I whisper against his lips as we both breath heavy trying to catch our breath.
“It can wait.” He says as his lips leave a trail of hot kisses down my neck. 
“Whoa! Gretch come look at this!” Niall shouts as he watches us from behind the couch.
“How long were you standing there?” Harry asks, not surprised at all with Niall's hovering presence.
“Long enough that’s for sure.” He says letting out a loud laugh.
“Did you enjoy the show?” Harry asks almost as if this is the most casual conversation they have ever had.

I look at Harrys face as he talks to Niall. I like the fact that they’re so comfortable with each other, it makes me more confortable around Niall. I’m sure he’s amazing; I get a big brother vibe from him I just haven’t spent much time with him. That should change; I’m going to make it so.
“Gina!” Gretchen says in surprise snapping me out of my thoughts as she bends over in a fit of laughter at the sight of us. I adjust my shirt and scoot out from under Harry.
“Really?! Its not like you don’t do the same!”
“Don’t worry Gina, they liked the show. Would you like an encore?” Harry asks them raising an eyebrow.

He gives them a cheeky grin and he began to crawl across the floor towards me. I tried crawling away before he could get to me but he grabbed my ankle and pulled me towards him. I couldn’t contain my laughter as he gives me one last passionate kiss.
“Stop it!!” I say laughing
“You’re right you do kind of stink, go take a shower.” He says as he spanks my butt.
“Well I was going to invite you to join but never mind.” I say as I race up stairs to the shower with Harry hot on my heals, provoked by my comment.

*Niall’s POV*

Well I think they had a good night." Gretchen says laughing as she watches them run up the stairs.
"I had a good night too." I whisper in her ear as I pull her close so her back was pushed up agains me.
"Me too!" She turns in my arms and puts her arms around my neck intertwining her fingers in her hair.
"I'm going to miss you."
"I'm going to miss you too." I tell her knowing the full truth behind the words I just spoke.

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