Live While We're Young

Regina and Gretchen are two best friends living together in LA. One day they go back to there home town to catch up with friends and take a break from there job as photographers. On their flight back to LA the meet Blondie and Curly, where does it go from there?


14. Double date trouble

*Gretchen's POV*

"Hey Gina when are they picking us up? And should we dress fancy or casual??" I asked looking at the time. 

"Calm down missy we got plenty of time. Harry just txted me saying that they will pick us up at 8:00pm and its still 4:00pm. And...were going to a nice restaurant so I would ware something nice. We should probably start getting ready if we wana look like hot sexay mamas!" Gina replied looking my tired self up and down. I rub my eyes and stretch into a huge yawn. I couldn't wait to see the boys again, and we can finally hang out all together, It'll be cute to see the chemistry between my Gina and her Harry. I smiled just thinking about it. 

"What you grinning about ms happy pants?" Gina said nudging me.  

"I'm just excited to finally see you and harry together and to see your cute chemistry!" I said nudging her back. Gina started blushing looking down smiling. She's so crazy about him it's all over her blushed face. 

"Yeah... he's really something. I just love everything about him; from his dimples to his cute cheeky personality that makes me head over heels for him." Gina said still smiling.

"I feel the same way about Niall, I can't think of a single flaw that that irish charm possesses! But I love it. And I was just thinking that we should have a party soon so that they can meet our other friends that we work with and for all the boys and their girlfriends to come so we can get to know them all better!" I said jumping up and down. 

"That's a great idea!! We should tell them tonight!" We nodded in agreement. 

"Now come on we gotta get ready! Your not going to ware your sweats now are you?" Gina said crossing her arms. 

"Of course not silly! Lets go shopping downtown, and pick out ourselves some sexy dresses!" I winked. And with that we jumped in our car and drove to the closest clothing store. We tried on so many dresses I was sick of the word. We both walked out of our dressing rooms to show each other our final dresses that we found. Gina looked absolutely stunning in this knee length midnight blue dress revealing her back. I stood in awe. 

"You look absolutely beautiful darling!! This is definitely the one your buying 

*Regina's POV* 

Gretchen walks out of her dressing room in a red knee length dress, a very proper Taylor Swift kinda of dress, the top of the back is red lace revealing her back. It was so perfect!

"Gretch! Niall won't be able to take his eyes off of ya! It's elegant yet scandalous!" Gina winked. We were more than happy with our dresses, payed for them and drove back to grandmas house to finish getting ready. We washed our hair and both put it up in an elegant style, finishing it off with a smokey eye makeup for me and a natural look for Gretchen with gold eye shadow. We were ready to knock those boys down with our sexiness. 


"THERE HERE!!" We both screamed in unison. We both looked in the mirror for our last looks and walked up to the door excited out of our minds. Gretch opened the door to two gorgeous guys that we couldn't believe to have. Harry looked me up and down smirking looking as charming as ever. Gosh it's hard to out shine this boys looks. Dressed in all black head to toe including his bow tie, making his skin tone look amazing. I looked over to Gretchen who couldn't keep her eyes off of Niall. I couldn't blame her, he looked perfect, also warring all black but warring a tie instead of a bow tie.

*Niall's POV* 

As soon as the door opened I was star struck by how stunning Gretchen looked, I probably looked like a starring fool to her, but then I noticed as she saw me she couldn't stop starring either. I guess suits really appeal to her, but I didn't look half as good as she does. Harry was just as starstruck as I was, his eyes were all over Gina, he was smirking like a cheeky fool. 

"You look absolutely stunning me laddie." I said bowing while looking up at her winking. Gretchen giggled, then curtsied. 

"You look breathtaking little ladie." Harry said grabbing Gina's hand. Her face lit up with a huge smile looking like she was in a dream she was so happy. As the girls started walking to Harry's Range Rover I walked over to Harry. 

"She is so into you, it was all over her face when you grabbed her hand. Trust me." I whispered wanting to let him know because he always gives himself a hard time thinking that girls only like him for being famous and not for who he is. 

*Harry's POV* 

"Okay man, cool." I said shrugging trying not to have my happy jitters show. Niall started walking towards the car. 

Sigh "She likes me." I said smiling at the ground. I walked to the car and jumped in right next to Gina, never wanting to leave her sight. I loved having the opportunity to be in One Direction but it means having to leave her and go back to London. It broke my heart thinking about it. 

*Gina's POV* 

We jumped in the car, looks like their body guard Paul is  chaffering us tonight so that we all get to sit together in the back seat. Tonight was going to one to remember. I couldn't wait to tell them about our party idea. I then felt hands wrap around my waist, Harry wrapped me up in his warmth not wanting to let go. I wrapped my hands around his to comfort him.

"Let's get this party started!" Paul shouted pretending to raise the roof with his hand. We all laughed as he turned on the song Back Seat by New Boyz realizing how perfect it fit. We all started dancing in our seats until we arrived to the restaurant.

*Niall's POV* 

We got out of the car and started walking towards the restaurant. I didn't want to tell them we had to go back to London, it's too soon, were just getting to  know them, what if we never see them again what if...

"Hey Niall are you alright?" Gretchen said squeezing my hand. 

"I'm alright just a little car sick that's all." I lied never wanted her to know the truth. 

"Well this place looks awesome! How did you find out about it?" Gretch asked. 

"It's a new hip Restaurant called Ketchup that we heard about recently and thought it was the perfect place to take you both." I explained.

*Gretchen's POV*

We walked up to the top floor and got a table near the window showing the view of the Los Angeles lights. Everything was white inside except for the red lanterns that hung from the ceiling and the red napkins, it was definitely as hip as Niall said it would be. We took our seats and started looking at the menus. The waitress came around eyeing Niall and Harry immediately, trying to keep her cool. 

"What would you all like to eat tonight?" She asked starring at Our boys like she was ordering to eat them herself. We had to start getting used to them always being eyed like this in public. Harry ordered the mini fish tacos, Niall ordered Chicken wings, and Gina and me both got Waldorf salads with sweet potato fries. She took our orders and finally left.

"Cough glad she's gone cough." I joked. We all laughed knowing exactly what I meant. 

"How do you guys get used to that kind of attention?" Gina asked.

"At first we were not used to it and it was really hard to get used to, to be honest were still not used to it, I mean were just regular guys." Harry explained.

"And it's also hard to get used to not knowing who these girls are that we meet but they already know who we are, but we were lucky enough to meet you two." Niall said while wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

The waitress dropped off our streaming food which look absolutely delicious. My stomach grumbled just looking at it. We all started chowing down, Niall eating those chicken wings like an animal.

"Were so glad we met you both too, we never in our wildest dreams ever thought that we would get to know you guys. and we were thinking that next week we would throw a party and have you all meet our friends and invite all of One Direction so that we can get to know all of you better!" Gina explained excited. The boys looked at each-other and stayed quiet for a couple moments, both of them looking both sad and uncomfortable. Something wasn't right.

"Umm...there's something that we've been meaning to tell you. We just find out a couple days ago, and we wanted to tell you tonight." Harry said frowning looking down.

"To cut to the the chase, were leaving the day after tomorrow, were going back to London for winter break." I could see the pain in Niall's eyes as he spoke. I couldn't believe what I had just heard.

"L-l-l-leaving? That soon? 8000 miles away?" Gina asked confused. Niall about to speak was cut off by the waitress coming over and placed the bill on the table, with what looked like her phone number on top of it. 

"Well you obviously didn't want our relationships to last long, just a fling until you had to go back to London? Well were leaving so you can have a final fling with their slutty waitress that obviously has a thing for you both. Have a nice flight back to London." I said whipping tears away. Gina and me both got up and started walking to the exit. 

"Girls wait! You didn't give us the chance to explain!" They shouted behind us. We started walking faster out of the restaurant.

"Where are you ladies going?" Paul screamed after us from their car. We didn't answer, got a cab and drove away not looking back.  








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