Live While We're Young

Regina and Gretchen are two best friends living together in LA. One day they go back to there home town to catch up with friends and take a break from there job as photographers. On their flight back to LA the meet Blondie and Curly, where does it go from there?


13. bad news

*Regina's POV*

I hate not feeling Harry next to me. I watched out the window as he drove off. I'm still in my robe from the crazy events of last night. Still can't believe Harry took my dress off... And I let him! I walk over to the table picking up my phone and sitting on the couch. I hit the button that has Gretchen's number programmed for speed dial.

"Heyyyyy!!" Gretchen says answering the phone. She sounds so happy.

"Hey come over to grandmas, lets have a chill girl day. I need to know what happened last night!" I said laughing. I still call it grandmas house. I just don’t feel like its mine.

"Sounds great! I'll see you soon!" "Kay, see ya!" I finished, hanging up the phone. Then thought it would be a good idea to shower. My hair smells like chlorine.I'm in the process of washing my hair when I hear Gretchen knock on the door and then open it.

"Hey girl! How are you!?" She asks

"Good, almost done with my shower. How was last night?" I shout over the running water.

"Oh my gosh, Gina I don't even know where to start!" "Ok well how bout you start at the X factor performance." Gretchen starts telling me about her events with Niall. I finish my shower, grab a towel, and we walk to the guest room where I keep some extra clothes. As I get dressed she tells me how her night ended and then waking up next to Niall this morning.

"It was like a dream, Gina. Everything was so easy. I never had to worry about what to say. It was so great." She says with a heavy sigh.

"Gretchen! I'm so happy things went so well for you guys! He is a cutie." I said hanging up my towel. Now fully dressed.

"Hey back off he's mine." She said with a wink.

"Oh don't worry I'm completely happy with Harry." 

"Oh yeah speaking of cuties. How was your night!?"

"Harry is amazing. He's so sweet and cheeky. You don't even know." I laughed.

"Well tell me then!" She said excitedly. I started with Harry taking me back stage to meet everyone.

"Then we get a text from Niall saying how crowded the party was so I brought him back here."

"That's it? I thought you said he was supper cheeky." She says a bit disappointed.

"Oh no that's not it but I want you to come with me to the pool house and ill finish my story." "Ok..." Gretchen says a bit confused but I just lead her to the pool house. We open the door and there laying on the ground is my dress and shoes. Exactly where they were last night. And Harry's blazer, which I guess, he forgot to grab.

"What the heck happened!?" Gretchen says as she starts laughing. I smile, I know what she’s thinking. I let her wonder about it for a minute, then I finally give her the details of Harry picking me up and jumping into the pool. And how he then took off my dress. The cute and the passionate kisses. And finally I told her how I never wanted our kiss to end and how he called me beautiful and how we went into the house and cuddled by the fire, eventually falling asleep together.

"Gina! He sounds so sweet! And sexy!" She says winking.

"Yeah he his." I say sighing. I pick up his blazer off the ground and pull it on. It's a sunny day but there is a bit of a cold breeze. It smells just like him. It matches my jeans and converse and it's not too big. It's perfect.

"Did you just smell his jacket?" "Oh shut up you would do the same thing if it were Niall's!!" "I know I was just messing with you. It looks great on you by the way." She laughs and bends down to pick up my dress and inspect the damage.

"I think it will be ok if we take it to the dry cleaners. But the shoes are gone." I look at my shoes, which are scuffed and full of water.

"Aww those were so cute!" I say pouting. Ding. Gretchen pulls out her phone and reads a text.

"Whose that?" I ask curiously.

"It's Niall. He wants to know if we are up for going on a double date. And he said Harry texted you and wants you to check your phone."

"That would be awesome I'd love too! And my phone is back in the house lets go get it, then we can take this to the cleaners." I say holding up my dress and heading back to the house.

*Harry's POV*

I sent Gina a text just letting her know how much fun I had last night. She sent me back a picture of her in my blazer. I feel butterflies in my stomach. She's so cute and i love that shes wearing my blazer. I'm really nervous about our double date, Niall and I decided to tell the girls our news we got from the meeting together. It wasn't good news and I'm just torn up about it.

"Yeah 7:00 is perfect, thank you." I heard Niall finish then put away his phone.

"How are you feeling about tonight?"

"Not good mate. I'm worried they will think we are going to forget about them, or that we planned this."

"I think it's going to be alright, we just have to have a great last night with them. We will see them again." I said putting off more confidence than I have. At the meeting today we were reminded that the plane leaves at 4am tomorrow. Both Niall and I had totally lost track of time on this trip and hadn't realized we were going home so soon. We are absolutely gutted about leaving these girls.

"Let's go Niall, we don't want to be late!"

"Alright, lets go." We grab our coats and head out to the car to pick up Gina and Gretch.

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