Live While We're Young

Regina and Gretchen are two best friends living together in LA. One day they go back to there home town to catch up with friends and take a break from there job as photographers. On their flight back to LA the meet Blondie and Curly, where does it go from there?


1. A visit home


*Regina Johnson's POV*

his curly brown hair feels soft in between my fingers. When I tug on it he moans "yeah" like when he sings it in More than This. When our lips meet its like trying golden syrup for the 1st time. Sweet and unforgettable. suddenly he grabs my arms and starts shaking me. What the fuck? I open my eyes to gretchen staring at me. 

"Did you know its impossible to wake you up!?"

I cant believe i just had a dream about Harry Styles. I havent thought about him or the rest of the boys in so long.

"Sorry Gretch, I was up all night. I  was to excited to sleep."

       We haven't been back home to Oregon since we moved out to LA. Gretchen is my best friend and has been ever since 6 grade when our teacher assigned us as partners for a project. We had so much fun together that the project didn't get done till the night before it was due. Which our parent weren't very happy about! But we got 100% anyways due to Gretchen's ability to focus and my wandering but creative mind. We were a great match and knew from the beginning we were going to be in each others lives forever. Its been a little over a year since Gretchen and I got an apartment together in LA and we are just having an amazing time being out on our own but we do really miss our friends and family!

"Me too Gina! i cant wait to see everyone! We are about to land!"

I buckle up, then grab onto Gretchens hand. Plane landings always make me nervous.

"Its alright" she says in my ear, knowing full well that I'm totally freaking on the inside. Only gretchen knows of my fear of planes, I've mostly kept it to myself because i think it a quite stupid thing to be afraid of, but i cant help it. 

The plane landed with out any trouble as always. It's great to be back in Oregon I can already feel the difference in the air. Walking into the baggage claim area we were happily greeted by a group of friends.

Our friends Bri and Nicole were holding up a big banner that said " welcome home" I felt tears fall from my eyes as I read it and started running to meet them, with Gretchen to my right. 

We came together in a big group hug with a mixture of emotions around us. 

" Wow you guys look great!" Said Bri giving us a glance

"Thanks what are you doing here?"


That brought a smile to my face, I sure have missed her and the way she shouts everything when she gets excited. 

" well it worked!"

" so I'm treating everyone to dinner shook we can catch up and enjoy a nice meal!"

"Great I'm starving" 

No surprise there I thought to myself, Gretchen's always hungry, eats all the time and can never gain a pound.



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