Thanks to the Robbers

Ebbony and her cousin Steph finished college and they move to London. They have a flat that they both share and two robbers break in to their house and kidnap them and take them somewere far.Thanks to the robbers two one direction boys come to the rescue but who and what are there true feelings for these girls in need of help.Read to find out. (keep in mind that im new to this and its my first story so please no critisism thanks)


6. We are Here to Save you


Me and Harry decided to go rescue those girls.I just couldnt get that image out of my head.That image of those monsters forcing those girls into the car.I hope nothing bad happens to them.

Then after a while the van came to a stop.Rogger and Bob got off and went to the door of the cabbin and they oppened the door and they came back to the van.


I suddenly felt the car come to a stop.Bob and Rogger stepped out for like 5 minuets then Bob came back and grabbed my wrist and yanked me up.We walked into the cabbin and then  Bob went to got a chair and some rope.I then realised that he had left the door open,just as i was about to run out of the door Rogger came inside kissing Ebbony very roughly.I was standing there in shock i got snapped back to reality when i was pushed into a chair and tied up.Then Rogger started to do the unthinkable he started to rape Ebbony right infront of my eyes i couldnt take it anymore."STOP LEAVE EBBONY ALONE SHE DID NOTHING TO DESERVE THIS!""SHUT HER UP BOB!"Next thing i knew was that i had tape over my mouth.I just watch how defensles my poor Ebbony was against him she looked so tramatised she couldnt move she just stood very stiffly.After like about 15 minutes he had stoped she was so shocked.Rogger just sat her down in a chair and tied her up after he tied her he gave her a kiss but she didnt kiss back he got very mad and slapped her even hardder than the first time and her lip just bleed more and more.I felt so bad for her we just really needed some help.


The van had stoped and Rogger and Bob had stepped out of the van and the came back.I saw that Bob was taking Steph inside the cabbin.Then Rogger came back inside the car and he just looked at me."Remember how i said that i wouldnt call you babe anymore?"he said."Yea wat a bout it?""Now you have to pay remeber?""WHAT are you going to do to me?""I cant tell you but i could tell you that you are very pretty you know that right?""Uhhhh..."Then we got out of the car and he grabbed my wrist hard and we were walking to the front door of the cabbin.Before we walked in he shoved me to the wall and he crashed his lips into mine i stood there i didnt kiss back at all.The kiss was very very nasty well atleast thats what i thought because this was my first kiss with a guy.The only other guy that i had kissed was my cousin that i just cant remember his name because i havent seen him since we were 5. All i remeber is that his name was like Louis or Leon i think but i just cant remember."KISS ME BACK!"Rogger said i was scared he was gonna hurt me so i did what i was ordered.We slowly started to walk to the door and then we burst in and all i saw was Steph standing there in shock,Then she got pushed on to  a chair and got tied up.Next thing i new was that i was getting raped by that monster.I couldnt take it i was standing there in shock and then Steph yelled at him to stop and then Bob taped her mouth up.After like about 15 minuets later he had stopped and sat me down in a chair and he tied me up.He reached down and kissed me but i didnt kiss back because i was still in so much shock.Next thing i new was that he slapped me harder than before and my lip just kept bleeding more and more.I was in so much pain i just wanted to get ut of here fast.Rogger just started talking about how this wouldnt have happened if we would of gave him the money."What money are you talking about?"i asked him ."You know what money were talking about you know now hand it over!""Just tell me what money how owes you money?""YOU MEAN YOU DONT KNOW WHO OWES ME THE MONEY?""Yes i dont know who owes you the money this is all a miss under standing we barely moved in.""Stop lieing i know that mr. and mrs.Miller gave you the money now hand it over.


We had finally reached the cabbin and we parked a few feet away from  the black van because we did not want to make any noise.I saw that the door was open and me and Niall peeked inside and saw that they were talking about some money that Mr.andMrs.Miller owe him.I knew one thing for sure that beautiful girl with the light brown super curly hair was not the person those dudes were looking for.He then kept screaming at her and just as they were about to hit her and this other beautiful girl but not as beautiful as the one with the curly hair me and Niall barged in and kicked there asses like there was no tomorrow.The girls just looked at us in amazment after the guys had enough Niall called the cops and i went to go untie that girl with the curly hair."Thanks Harry."she said"Your welco...hey how do you know my name?""Im a fan of one direction me and my couisin the one over there.""ohh in that case you and your cousin are welcome and your lip its bleeding alot what happen love?""He...uumm that monster raped me and after that he kissed me but i didnt kiss back he got mad at me and slapped me the second the first time he slapped me was because i lied to him it really really hurts.""OHH MY GOD THAT BASTERD DID THIS TO YOU!!"I just saw that she was crying so i hugged her and told her she was with Hazza and Nialler and she will be save with us.She smiled but she winced at the pain."ohh i never got your name or your cousins name lovely.""Thats my cousin Stephanie but i call her Steph and i am Ebbony.""Nice name for a beautiful girl like you.Then the cops and parimedics came and they healed Ebbonys lip and we drove back to my flat.


sorry to keep you guys waiting my laptot was broken and i barlely got it back so enjoy this chapter ill try to update more often thanks my lovies xoxo ebbony

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