Thanks to the Robbers

Ebbony and her cousin Steph finished college and they move to London. They have a flat that they both share and two robbers break in to their house and kidnap them and take them somewere far.Thanks to the robbers two one direction boys come to the rescue but who and what are there true feelings for these girls in need of help.Read to find out. (keep in mind that im new to this and its my first story so please no critisism thanks)


3. Our New House


"YEA were in london i wonder what house your dad bought us.""I know right i hope its really big.""HAHAHA that would be awesome if it was a mansion and imagine we lived next to Niall and Harry.""YEA that would be cool but even if they did live next to us they would never ever fall in love with us.""Yea youre probably right they wont fall in love with us.""I mean look at us they probably want super moddels not nobodys like us.""yea"i say but i said in a faint wisper that onlyi heard it.

     ***************after the car ride***************


"OMG"i couldnt belive what i was seeing with my two own eyes our house was a mansion."EBBONY!! my dad bought us a mansion so cool.""STEPH it even has a pool."Ebbony keep your voice down you'll wake up neighbors.""ok im sorry.""its ok come on lets just go inside and get some sleep we will unpack tomorrow,dont forget to lock the door ok."um ok."


BLABLA sleep BLABLA unpack tomorrow BLABLA something about the door BLABLA is all i heard comming out of my cousins mouth.The only reason that that was all i heard coming out of Stephs mouth is because i was to busy admiring our house and i wasnt paying any attention to her.Ugghh i just cant remmber what she wanted me to do with the door oh i think she said to close it i just hope she didnt tell me to do anything else with the door.Ohh well time to go to sleep finaly.

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