Thanks to the Robbers

Ebbony and her cousin Steph finished college and they move to London. They have a flat that they both share and two robbers break in to their house and kidnap them and take them somewere far.Thanks to the robbers two one direction boys come to the rescue but who and what are there true feelings for these girls in need of help.Read to find out. (keep in mind that im new to this and its my first story so please no critisism thanks)


10. Morning Time

I woke up i felt so warm i turned around and i was so glad to see my Hazza.I had to go to the bathroom so i tried to get out of his grip and i did.It was kind of hard because i didnt want to wake him up.I went to the restroom and did my morning things.My arm started to hurt i wanted to scream but i didnt want to wake up anybody so i held it in tears started to fall it hurt really bad.I was going to put water on my face but when i lifted my arms i hit my left arm hard and i couldnt help but scream at the pain that was added.


"OWWWWWW!!!!!!!!"Oh god wat happen...AHHH EBBONY EBBONY LOVE WERE ARE YOU!!!!I I woke up to Ebbony screaming i followed the scream and it let me to the bathroom i saw my Ebbony on the floor gripping what now looked like a broken arm."Ebbony dear what happen to you?""I was just trying to put water on my face and i lifted my hands up realy fast and i hit my left hand really hard on the sink.It really hurts."Then Niall and Steph bardge in through the door Steph look horifide of the sight and she came running twords Ebbony and pushed me away from my boo."What was that push for Steph?""Im just trying to get to my little sister.""I thought she was your cousin."said Niall."She is but i love her like she was my sister since i dont have my brother here with me.""YOU HAVE A BROTHER?!"Said Harry."Yes i do ill explain later now lets get Ebbony to a hospitl.'Then all of us got in my car and we took my boo to the hospitl i just hope there is nothing too seriouse wrong with her.As we whent to the hospitl Steph went to go fiil the papers for Ebbony.They finally took her in but they didnt let us go in with her i felt sad.Then i told Steph to tell me about her brother she told me that  they were split up when she was 7 and he was 8 and Ebbony was 5.She told me that she  remebered that his name was Louis or Leo but she dosnt remeber she only knows that her dad took her brother and they move to London and that her mom kept her.She also told me that her brother liked Ebbony and that once she saw them kissing but they werent very good at it.She just hopes she could see him again and never let him go.When she said all of that Niall was crying while eating chocolate he never fails to make us laugh.I soon got my phone and texted the boys to come to the hospitol.They asked why and i told them i would explain later.IN less than 20 minutes they all came they just look at me and Steph and Niall.Then louis being louis asked me who the girl was i told them the whole story that happen yesterday and that her name was Stephanie."WAIT STOP REPEAT THAT AGAIN ."said Louis"her name whats here name?""Her name is Stephanie why ?""Just because i have a sister and her name was Stephanie and me her and my cousin that i thought was cute by the way got seperated when i was 8 and my sis was7 and my cousin was 5.My mom kept her and my dad took me away and we came here to live in london and i havent stopped shearching for them.""LOUIS I KNOW WHO YOUR SISTER IS!!"said Harry and Niall at the same time."WHAT WERE IS SHE TELL MEHH PLEASE NOW HAZZA!!!""Louis thats her thats your sister she told us the same story you just told us."Harry said all this while pointing to Steph.Louis just looked at Steph and smiled really big he ran to her and she did the same they hugged each other it was soo cute.

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