Thanks to the Robbers

Ebbony and her cousin Steph finished college and they move to London. They have a flat that they both share and two robbers break in to their house and kidnap them and take them somewere far.Thanks to the robbers two one direction boys come to the rescue but who and what are there true feelings for these girls in need of help.Read to find out. (keep in mind that im new to this and its my first story so please no critisism thanks)


8. Car Ride


Omg we just got rescuded by one directions Harry Styles and Niall Horan but the wost part is that my lip has stiches and it hurts to smile and also i am still truamatised because i got raped.I just cant belive this at all i think i must of been crying because Harry hugged me and wiped  my cheecks and said everything will be fine and that he was here to protect me.I than thanked him he was so nice like my cousin that i dont even know the name of i miss him he was like a big brother to me.Oh and before i forget my cousin Steph has an older brother but his dad took him away from us when my cousin was like 7 and he was 8 and i was 5 it was sad i cant remember his name and that sucks.


I cant belive this happen it was pretty scary if you ask me but i think it was even scarier for the girls especially Ebbony i mean look at her she looks so scared she was crying and i pulled her into a hug and told her that i was there to protect her.I dont know why but hugging her and saying thoes words felt right i mean she is very very pretty i mean she is fit she has a nice butt she has a nice smile she has better curly hair than me and her light brown eyes that sparkel in the light i just love them.I will make her mine i just have to i mean aww shoot my thoughts just got interupted by Nialls no wait its Ebbonys head on my shoulder poor girl shes so tired even though her hed is bothering me to drive i wont move it because i dont want to wake her up she looks so cute.The only ones awake were me and of course niall.It looks like Niall is in love with Ebbonys cousin Steph  because he cant staring at her i think they would make a cute couple. Im not saying that i dont think she is pretty but  i dont like her as much as Ebbony i mean she is pretty she has red curly hair she is fit and she has dark brown eyes but shes not my type i think of her only as a sister or a friend nothing more.Im falling for Ebbony pretty hard i need her in my life forever i wonder were she lives she must live near though.

          *********AFTER CAR RIDE AT HARRYS AND NIALLS FLAT***********


Finally we came home since me and Harry didnt know where Ebbony and Steph lived we just carried them inside our flat.I was carring Steph up to my room holding her that way it just felt amazing i realy realy love her i wanted to kiss her lips but she probablely didnt feel the same she probably likes Harry.ughhh o well.

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