Three Words

17 yearold, Lacey Whitney, is thrown off-guard when her mum receives a letter in the mail about an exchange student program. She is forced to leave the u.s. and fly to Holmes Chapel, Chesire, U.K. There she meets Harry Styles from One Direction. She's never felt this way before. Will she fall for the cute ladies man. Or the funny Louis Tomlinson. Find out in Three Word!


3. Meet Mrs. Styles

Annes POV
" excuse me have you seen a Lacey Whitney?" I asked the lady at the front desk of the airport. "Lacey Whitney to the front desk please." she said through the microphone. About 2 minutes later a beautiful young girl with bright blue eyes and straight brown hair walked up to the desk. "Lacey Whitney?" I asked her. "Um y-yes. A-are you Anne?" she asked me. "yes. We are so glad you are stayin with us." I told her. Harry was really going to enjoy this. "um let's get going" I said. We walked out to the car where Harry and Gemma were. "hi Harry. Hi Gem. This is Lacey. She will be staying with us or the rest of the month." I said to them. "hi I'm Gemma. It's nice to meet you. And this is Ha- Harry get off your phone!!" Gemma shouted. "Oh um hi. Erm uh I'm uh Harry." he studdered.
Lacey's POV
Wow. Anne was very nice and Gemma was too. But Harry was actually kind o rude. He was playing on his phone paying no attention to me. So Gemma told him to get off his phone! I can't believe he woul do that! Not that I care. I don't like him. Maybe he has cute friends.
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