Three Words

17 yearold, Lacey Whitney, is thrown off-guard when her mum receives a letter in the mail about an exchange student program. She is forced to leave the u.s. and fly to Holmes Chapel, Chesire, U.K. There she meets Harry Styles from One Direction. She's never felt this way before. Will she fall for the cute ladies man. Or the funny Louis Tomlinson. Find out in Three Word!


2. It's Time

*A Week Later*
"bye mom!" I waved at her as I boarded the plane to Chesire. I got on and sat down next to a boy who looked about 18. He looked over at me. "oh uh Hello. I'm Nathan." Nathan. I processed it through my brain. What a coincidence. "Hi I'm Lacey. Nice to meet you." I said. "why are you coming to Chesire? I was just visiting my Grandmother. She's in the hospital. But we were able to leave because she was ok. Now I'm glad to go back home to my father. He couldn't come with us to Conecticut because of work." he said. 'Wow he talks a lot' I thought to myself. "excuse me?" he said. "what?" I asked. "I don't talk a lot!" Nathan said. 'I said that aloud?' I thought. "sorry" I said. I got up and moved. I sat down next to another boy who looked about a year older than me. He had dark brown eyes an the warmest smile ever. "hello" he said his voice deep and raspy. "I'm zayn" . "hello zayn Im Lacey" " Its nice to meet you Lacey." he smiled. I put in my headphones. Paradise by Coldplay came on. I closed my eyes and slowly drifted to sleep.
*10 hours later*
"hello. Please buckle your seatbelts. We will be landing shortly." said a voice coming through the speaker. Suddenly, thoughts came rushing through my head. 'oh no I thought. What if the negligent? What if I didn't like them? What if they didn't like me?' "sleep well?" asked zayn. He was such a gentleman. But Im not his type. I'm a bad girl and he was do nice. "yes." I replied. We exchanged numbers and got off the plane. I waved bye to Zayn. He waved and smiled as we walked our separate ways.
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