Three Words

17 yearold, Lacey Whitney, is thrown off-guard when her mum receives a letter in the mail about an exchange student program. She is forced to leave the u.s. and fly to Holmes Chapel, Chesire, U.K. There she meets Harry Styles from One Direction. She's never felt this way before. Will she fall for the cute ladies man. Or the funny Louis Tomlinson. Find out in Three Word!


1. The Letter

"Lacey!!! Come here!!!!" my mom yelled. I rolled off my bed and opened the door to my room. "Coming!!!" I yelled. I walked into the kitchen. I had papers everywhere. "If you want me to clean this, I'm not going to." I stood there with a hand on my hip looking annoyed. "No that's not it. Guess what?" she sai in return. "oh gosh please don't tell me you're dating another guy!! I thought you were taking a break!" "no Lacey!!! Now let me talk. Ok this letter here is from your teacher." 'Oh no' I thought. All of the bad things I've done at school came flooding through my mind. 'I slapped Nathan. I stapled his shirt to the wall. I wrote all over his paper.' oh my. "what does it say?" I asked my mom. "you've been chosen for an exchange student program. It has all the information in this packet. Apparently you're staying with a women who has a 17 year old son like you. And a daughter who's 19. Her name is Anne and she lives in Cheshire, England!!" she said. Thank goodness. " it comes with a ticket. It's for a month. Your leaving in a week." my mom said. "what? I don't want to go to this stupid exchange thing!" I yelled. "well to bad you're going!!!" she yelled back." now get packing" she started," I'll give you 500£ ok?" "fine" I said walking to my room.
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