Never loved by the ones you love

You think your ment to be with only the person but you don't relize your ment to be with someone else.


2. Hidden Love

Jasmin's POV

"Stop worrying Mayra you'll be great." I said to Mayra. "Are you sure?" She asked me with a terrified look on her face. "Calm down! No need to be SO nervouse your not going to go meet the queen."  I said to her as we started to walk to the back of the counter. "Okay ill try." She said as she started to take a deep breath in and then letting it out. "There, better?" I asked her, very concerned about her. "Ya a little bit it's just that its my first da-" I cut her off along with her slight stutter. "Listen to me, You. Will. Be. Okay." Suddenly I heared our boss coming in threw the back of the restaurant. "Okay he's here come on" I said to Mayra as I grab her wrist and pulled her to the back to meet him. As soon as I see him my heart just melts. Those blue eyes, the way his hair is just perfect every time I see him. Those perfect pink smooth lips. But I had to keep it together."Hello I'm Louis. Louis Tomlinson the owner, you must be Mayra our new employee." "Yes I'm Mayra thank you so much for this sir I won't disapoint you." "I hope not, Jasmin you will train her." He said to me. "Of course chef." Her training didn't take that long. He let her go after her training was done. It was closing time so I went to the back to grab a rag and a spray bottle. "Don't forget to count the money before you leave" He said to me throwing me the restaurant keys. "Okay" I said to him. "Open up on Monday on time" He said to me, then walking out. I nodded as he walked away not relized that I nodded. I began to clean the counter, as I began to think to myself how much I like him how much I need him. I haven't always liked him one day all of a sudden I just started feeling butterflies in my stomach. He would never go out with his employee plus it's not permitted. I come back to reality and open up the cash register and count the money. I put the money back write everything down and lock up. The next morning I woke up still thinking about him, about us. "Stop it's never going to happen!" I yelled at myself and hit my head with my hand. All of a sudden I got a text from Kimberly saying. (Be there in a few) Every since that phone call she got from Isabella she has been really sad. So I get up brush my teeth and get dressed. Then I made some tea for when she got here. A knock sounds from the door. I open the door. I open the door and there at my front door is Kimberly in her sweat pants soaking in her tears. "Oh my gosh Kimberly what happened?" I asked her as I hugged her quickly bringing her inside. "I ca can't believe that she wo wo would do this to me." She said still crying with a stutter. "Would do what to you" I said ask I hand her head barred in my shoulder stroking her hair. "My boyfriend is ch ch CHEATING ON ME WITH MY SISTER!" She all of a sudden yelled out followed by more crying. "You mean Liam is cheating on you with Isabella?" I asked her not so surprised. I always knew in my head he was not good I didn't want to tell her I didn't want to seem like a bad friend trying to keep her away from someone SHE loved. "Yes." She said still crying. I didn't know what to say so I just let her cry while I hugged her. "I'm so sorry" I finally whispered." She didn't answer. As the day turned into night Kimberly fell asleep on my couch so I went upstairs to my bedroom to grab her a blanket to cover her up. I came back downstairs and covered her up. I went upstairs back to my bedroom. I sat on my bed and started to crave starbucks. I grabbed my wallet and headed downstairs. I opened the door quietly to get out and then close the door behind me. I get in my car and start to drive to starbucks I get there and park my car. Then I began to walk in. As I'm walking in like to order I see someone familiar. It's Louis my boss sitting at one of the tables. Then a girl starts to  approche him holding two coffee cups. She hands him one. Then he turns and noticed me. I pretend I didn't see me. I hear "Hey Jasmin is that you." He said to me with his soft soothing voice. "Oh hey I didn't see you there." I said to him lying. "Yea I didn't even notice it was you ethier, anyways I want to inturduce you to someone." He said to me and me only noticing his eyes that light up everything around me. "Emily come here." He said calling her over. She walked over quickly. "This is my girlfriend." He said with the biggest smile I have ever seen. At that point I felt my heart drop, I felt my blood flow stop, I felt everything just stop and end.

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