Never loved by the ones you love

You think your ment to be with only the person but you don't relize your ment to be with someone else.


3. Hate

Kimberly's POV

"Where am I?" I thought to myself as i was opening my eyes. I rubbed my eyes and got up. I finally remembered that I was at Jasmin's house as I saw that there was a blanket on me. "Jasmin!" I yelled out as I removed the blanket off of me putting it to the side. I walk over to the door where she hangs her key to see if they are there. Her keys where gone. She probably had to go run an aron or something. I start walking torwards the kitchen and open the refrigerator. I look around the refrigerator and see the ham and mayo so I decide to make a sandwitch. I grab the ham and mayo and put it on the counter. I grab the bread bag from here cabinets where I've seen it before already and grab two slices of bread and tie the bread bag back up then put it back in it's cabinet. I grab a cutting board and place the bread and ham on the cutting board. As I'm getting ready to prepare the sandwitch I get a phone call. I didn't recognize the number. "Hello?" I answered with confustion. An irish accent "Hello." Came from the other end of the phone. It was my best guy friend. "Niall!" I yelled into the phone with excitement. When I heard his voice he had made my day. "So I heared what happened with Liam I'm so terribly sorry." He said with a soft voice feeling bad for me. "Yeah." I said with a sigh not knowing what else I could say. "Don't worry he won't get away with it unpunished!" Niall yelled in rage. "No Niall just don't fiddle at the situation." I said scared thinking he's going to do something bad to Liam and Isabella. "Okay." He said disappointed. "So what are you up to?" He asked changing the subject. "I'm just at Jasmin's house making a sandwitch." I said still thinking about Liam. "Is there an extra sandwitch for me?" He said with a slight chuckle. "No but i could make it happen." I said with a fake short laugh as my eyes got blury with tears filling my eyes thinking of Liam. "Okay i'll be over soon." He said with so much excitment in his voice. "Okay." I said and then quickly hanging up so he wouldn't here me break in tears not being able to hold them back anymore. I'm finally able to fall to my knees and brake out yelling with rage in tears. I grab my hair and tighten my hands around it still in tears. "How could you." I whisper to myself as I clean my tears away with my arm. I lay back so my back is to the kitchen floor. I start thinking about Liam. About Liam and me about us. About what we were about what we could of been. I fold my legs up and hold my legs. My knees touching  my chest now to warm me. Cold running all threw my body. Stop crying I thought to myself. All of a sudden i hear a door open but i dont move. "Kimberly!" I heared come from the next room. I still didn't move. "Kimberly are you ok?" He asked grabbing my hand and pulling me up. "No!" I yell out as if i'm out of control. "Go away leave me alone!" I said as i broke up in tears of so much anger again. "It's okay your fine." He said as he brought me into a hug. "Let me go!" I kicked and screamed. "I know your heart broken it'll get better." He asured me while rubbing my back while my head was pressed against his chest. Suddenly I pushed him away forcefully. I hated him and the world for no reason. I don't know what came over me but I couldn't stand being around anyone and this moment. "KIMBERLY STOP!" He yelled as he pulled me close. Our faces only three inches away from eachother. "I care about you okay." He said with a soft but firm voice. "No you don't no one does." I said with tears still rushing down my cheeks. "Oh I don't?" He asked. The three inches from our faces slowly fade away as he gets closer. His hands touch both ends of my head pulling me into his lips. I didn't pull away. At that instant minute I felt as if they belong together. Like if this I had missing in my heart just completely filled it.

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