Never loved by the ones you love

You think your ment to be with only the person but you don't relize your ment to be with someone else.


4. Friends

Mayra's POV

A knock came from my door. I got off the couch and turned off the tv. I walk to the door and open it. "Cristal!" I yell out with excitement and then quickly hugging her. "Where's Nancy?" I asked. Cristal and Nancy are the bestest friends ever. They were always together they never left eachothers side. " She told me she was going to do some grocery shopping." Cristal said pulling a strand of hair that was in her face behind her ear. "Wow your getting bigger." I said with my eyes widening while changing the subject because I knew they didn't live together anymore. They were starting there own lives now. They used to be room mates. "How many months?" I asked "Seven." She said looking at me and then down at her stomach. "So where's the baby's daddy?" I asked her as I helped her walk to the couch and then helping her sit. "Oh Zayn is at work." She said holding her stomach. "No I men't  you know....." I said paused for a moment and then continued "Louis." I said in a whisper even though no one else was here. " He's still trying to look for a relationship with me." She said. " I thought you said he had a girlfriend named Emily." I asked her with a confused expression on my face. " Yea he does but he already admitted to me that he was doing it to make me jelous." She said annoyed at the fact that he was doing that. "I'll be right back." I said getting up off the couch. "Okay." She said with a nod as I start walking to the kitchen. I come back with some juice and a snack of pretzels and put them on the coffee table. " I hope you like juice and pretzals."  I said with a smile." Yea that's fine don't worry about it." She said. I sat back down next to her and moved the coffee table closer. "So how is Zayn handling knowing it's Louis's baby." I asked her as i picked up a pretzal and then eating it. "He's fine with it because he told me he's going to raise him as his own." She said with a smile as I was still chewing my pretzal. "Have you picked any names out yet?" I asked as I was barley finished chewing my pretzal and then swallowed it. "No not yet." She said with a slight frown. "So did Nancy tell you that she's getting married?" She asked me as she took a sip of her juice. "Yea she told me Edward proposed  to her  at the beach while they were having a picnic." I responded with an excited expression on my face. "Isn't it exciting?" She asked with a huge grin on her face. "Of course." I yelled out as happy as she was. Another knock came from the door. " I'll be back let me get that." I said getting up to walk to the door. "Take your time." She said grabbing some pretzals. I walk over to the door and answer the door. "Hey is Jasmin here I have beem calling her and looking for her all day and I can't find her anywhere and she doesn't answer her phone." A british voice said. "No Harry I haven't why what happened." I asked him with a frown. "I'm just worried about my sis." He said confused about where she was. "Okay bye." He said in a rush giving me a peck on the cheek and then taking off. I close the door and walk back to the living room hoping he finds her. "Well I have to leave." Cristal says getting up slowley and then me walking over to help her. "Thanks." She said taking one last sip out of her juice. "Come by anytime you'd like." I said walking her to the door. "Bye." She said giving me a hug. "Bye take care." I said to her. "Back at you." she said with a smile and then a short laugh after. "You want me to help you to your car?" I asked her. "No i'm fine thanks." she said. " You sure?" I asked. "Yeah." She said walking away. "Okay bye." I yelled out one more time. "Bye!" She yells out too looking back and gives me a wave. I wave back and then close the door. I walk to the living room and start picking up the mess from the coffee table and take all the dishes to the kitchen.

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