Never loved by the ones you love

You think your ment to be with only the person but you don't relize your ment to be with someone else.


1. The Begining

Mayra's POV

"Mayra wake up!" I heard coming from my friend Kimberly. Kimberly was my friend, and we had moved together into a small apartment so we wouldn't have to pay so much for our own. We were good friends so there was really no problem with us living together. "Ow!" I yelled. "Get up", Kimberly said hitting me over and over again with a pillow. "Ow!" "Stop it That hurts!" I said to her with my eyes still closed. "I'm not going to stop intill you get up," she said to me laughing. Okay okay I'm up I'm up! I said standing up. Well get ready it's our first day of work. "Okay I'm going," I said not listening to what she was saying. "Okay I want you to be all ready to go soon because Jasmin will be here an in hour for us," she said to me as she was picking up her shirt off the floor that she had wore the night before and then throwing it into her basket. Jasmin is a really great person, she's the kind of person you know you can always trust and tell all your secrets to. She wasn't much of a sqishy lovey dovey person but if you needed to talk to someone she would listen and try her hardest to see from your point of view to be able to understand you. She would come stay at my house over the weekend, on most weekends, when we were younger. She really isn't my sister but we grew up together. So in a way she is. I never said oh hi this is my friend or someone that just stays with us one in a while. I always introduced her as my sister. "Yea yea," I said to Kimberly waving my hand back and forth as if it was dislocated. As she left the room I looked at the pillow she was hitting me with. "Why did it hurt me so much, dose she stack rocks in there or something," I laughed to myself. I walk over to my stereo and turn it on. Omg yes it was my favorite song. It was Titanium. As I listened to Titanium, I got ready. Knock knock! I heard very loudly coming from the living room. As I'm brushing my teeth I open the door from my bedroom to peek at who it was, while Kimberly was answering the door. I saw that it was just Jasmin so I closed my bedroom door and walk back to the bedroom bathroom. Our bedroom bathroom was very small all it had was a sink and toilet. But that's the bathroom I mostly used. After brushing my teeth I brushed my hair back into a tight ponytail while I sang to the next song that came up on the stereo. It was the song Perfect by Pink. When I was done brushing my hair I heard Kimberly and Jasmin talking.They were talking about my birthday. My birthday was coming up really soon but I really didn't expect anything. On my past birthdays we mostly just rented a movie and ordered a pizza. I grabbed my purse and turned off the stereo, then opened the my bedroom door. Ssssh she's coming, I heard Jasmin saying to Kimberly as I was walking out of my bedroom then closing the door behind me and pretending not to hear them. "Oh hey Jasmin," I said to her as I walked over to give her a hug. "Hey you ready," she said to me. Jasmin was already an employee at a restaurant that i never heard of. She was the one that recommended me and Kimberly for the two openings the restaurant . "Yea I'm ready," I responded back to her. "Are you ready," she said to Kimberly. "I've  been ready waiting for Mayra to get ready," Kimberly said to Jasmin raising her voice slightly, then looking at me, beacause I had took to long. "Okay let's go," Jasmin said with a smile on her face proud of us as if it was our first day of school. As we walk out of our apartment Kimberly closes and locks the door, while me and Jasmin walk down the stairs. "So are you nervous," Jasmin asked us. "I'm kinda nervous," Kimberly said to Jasmin as she was catching up with us down the stairs. "How about you Mayra?" Jasmin asked me as we reached the bottom. "Yea I guess," I responded to Jasmin as I held the apartment door open for her. "Don't worry about it you guys will be great,"  she said to us with so much confidence, as she stepped out the door that I was holding and Kimberly walking out after her. Then me walking behind them letting the door close behind me. As we walk to Jasmin's car Kimberly gets a phone call. "Hello," Kimberly answered. It was Isabella. Isabella is Kimberly's sister, they were always together as kids they never left eachothers side for a second. "Whats up sis," Kimberly said into the phone as we all got into the car. Me getting into the back seat and Kimberly getting into the passenger seat. "Okay sure let me ask Jasmin," Kimberly said back into the phone and then closing the car door. "Okay bye," Kimberly said to Isabella on the phone. "Hey Jasmin can you drop me off at Isabella's house," Kimberly said to Jasmin as she hung up her phone. "What about work," I asked Kimberly with a worried expresion on my face. "This is more important," Kimberly responded and turning her head to be able to see me in the back seat. What happened, asked Jasmin. Nothing can you please just take me, Kimberly answered Jasmin and then Kimberly looking away. "Okay I'll take you," Jasmin said to Kimberly. "Thank you," said Kimberly with her head still turned away from us. On our way to Isabella's house I wondered what was going on. Kimberly didn't look happy she looked really worried. "What happened Kimberly," I finally let slip out. "I don't know Isabella said she has to tell me something as soon as possible and that she has been meaning to tell me," Kimberly said scared at the thought of what it could be. As we arrived to Isabella's house Kimberly had all her stuff ready in her hand. "Okay here we are," Jasmin said to Kimberly. Kimberly didn't say anything she got out of the car immediately and started to run towards Isabella's door. We saw Isabella answer the door. She saw me and Jasmin but immediately looked away as if she was ashamed herself. Kimberly and her went inside, letting the door close behind them. I got out of the car to move to the passenger seat. I got into the passenger seat and then closed the door. "What do you think happened," I asked Jasmin with a worried expresion on my face. "I don't know," Jasmin responded to me as she moved the gearshift into drive while I put my seat belt on. " I guess it's just me and you," Jasmin said to me. "I guess so," I said to her. "You'll do great I said to myself," taking a deep breath in and then out still feeling nervous about work.

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