Nobody Compares To You

Amanda spends a week at her bestfriend Hannah's house when her parents go to Vegas. She has known Hannah and her brother Jake since she was 7 years old. During that week Jake and Amanda start bonding. Amanda is Insecure about herself and dosent know if its really love, while he is trying to convince her that he loves her more than anything.


6. 6.6


I sat in the kitchen of Hannah and Jake's house scrolling threw my newsfeed and noticed jake's recent status update.

"this girl though" I was shocked to even read the words. What did it mean? was it about the girI he was talking about? obviously. I debated whether to like it or not. I quit arguing with my thoughts and decided to like it.

Today is now Sunday and Hannah and are supposed to go to some party tonight, this girl party's like alot. Jake had walked into the room.

'Hannah is still sleeping" he said sitting on the chair next to mine. 

"haha no shit" I smirked.

"I did it amanda" he said as he looked in my eyes.

"did what?" i managed to say.

"I broke up with her" he smiled.

I nodded  and looked down to my phone again. this is weird why would he tell me?

"Do you want to go for a walk?" he asked.

"Uh, yeah sure" I smiled.

As we walked we talked about the good times we had when we were younger, we stopped by the park and he pushed me on the swings. On our walk back he bought me icecream, i insisted to pay, but he did it before i could get my money out.

"thanks jake, this was really great" I smiled.

"Im glad you came with me" he returned the smile.

"So um listen, there is this party tnight that hannah wants me to go to and i was wondering if yu would like to come?" i said stopping him before we walked into his house. 

"yea, but only on one condition" he smirked.

"what is that?" i asked confused.

"Im your date"



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