Nobody Compares To You

Amanda spends a week at her bestfriend Hannah's house when her parents go to Vegas. She has known Hannah and her brother Jake since she was 7 years old. During that week Jake and Amanda start bonding. Amanda is Insecure about herself and dosent know if its really love, while he is trying to convince her that he loves her more than anything.


4. 4.4

I woke up to Jake's arms wrapped around me. I was shocked and confused. I quickly moved his arm off of me and jump out of the bed. Jake woke up and stood on the other side of the bed and we just stared at each other.

'What's wrong?' Jake asked looking around to see if there was someone who scared me.

'Uhmm... I kinda woke up in your arms...' I said and looked down at my feet. 

'oh... I guess we fell asleep' Jake said smiling like an idiot.

'Why are you smiling??' I said as i crossed my arms.

'Your blushing Amanda' He said laughing.

I opened my mouth and shook my head. 'NO  I am not blushing!' 

'Sure...' He winking at me.

'I didn't!' I said as i hit him with a pillow.

'You did not just hit me with a pillow' he said grabbing a pillow from his bed.

'O, but i did' I said motioning for my next attack.

He hit me with the pillow and i bursted out laughing. I kept hitting him until he was on the floor. Then he tripped me and i landed on top of him. I felt my cheeks boil but tried to hide my smile. He just looked at me and wouldn't let me go.

'You could let go anytime soon you know' I said laughing.

'I know..' He said while smiling again. Then he let me go and i got up.

'Admit it' he continued.

'Never' I said as i walked out of the room.

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