Nobody Compares To You

Amanda spends a week at her bestfriend Hannah's house when her parents go to Vegas. She has known Hannah and her brother Jake since she was 7 years old. During that week Jake and Amanda start bonding. Amanda is Insecure about herself and dosent know if its really love, while he is trying to convince her that he loves her more than anything.


3. 3.3

'Amanda, I'm going out tonight? Do you want to come?' Hannah asked me while she curled a strand of her hair while i was sitting on her bed checking my facebook.

'I don't think i so, I don't really feel in the mood to go anywhere i know it is a saturday night but i just don't want to' I said walking over to her dresser.

'Are you sure you want to stay here with Jake?' She asked rolling her eyes at the sound of his name.

'That dosent matter, that point is i don't really feel good, as in I feel SICK' I said standing by her door.

'Well fine, suit yourself'


Hannah ended up leaving at around 7:00 and Jake was video chatting with his girlfriend, So i just watched boring movies and Marathons on the television. I was listening to Jake and his girlfriends convorsation but i eventually got board. 

'Hey Amanda! Come here and talk to Anna while i go to the washroom' Jake said yelling from the other room.

I walked into his bedroom, it was different then what i had expected. He had a bright room and skateboards on his walls. I sat down on his bed and looked into the camera and waved.

The convorsation went like this:

Anna: Hi

Me: Hi


Me; he is back now

Anna: Okay


It was a pretty boring and awkward conversation. Jake ended the call and we just sat there on his bed.

'So who is your boyfriend' He teased.

'I don't have one anymore' I sat looking down at my hands and shifting awkwardly.

'Oh not to be noisey but what happened?' he said staring at me.

'He cheated on me with his ex-girlfriend' I said while tears rolled down my face.

'Amanda, don't cry, he isn't worth your tears, and someone as amazing as you dosen't deserve to get treated that way' He said wiping the tears from my face.

I looked into his eyes and relized for the first time they we're an amazing shade of green. I had a sudden urge to kiss him but i just smiled and thanked him. He kept telling me funny stories to cheer me up. We laughed for hours in his room and ended up dozing off.


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