Nobody Compares To You

Amanda spends a week at her bestfriend Hannah's house when her parents go to Vegas. She has known Hannah and her brother Jake since she was 7 years old. During that week Jake and Amanda start bonding. Amanda is Insecure about herself and dosent know if its really love, while he is trying to convince her that he loves her more than anything.


2. 2.2

We must have fell asleep watching T.V because i woke up facing the opposite direction as Jake. Luckily no one was home except the two of us, Which means Hannah didn't make it home last night. I watched as Jake slept and let out a giggle while i snapped a photo on my iPhone. I walked out into his kitchen and started cooking pancakes and eggs. Jake walked into the Kitchen and poured himself a glass of Orange juice.

"Hey, Amanda." He smiled still half asleep.

"Hey sleepy head." i laughed

"Did you fall asleep while watching The Avengers too?" He let out a laugh.

"Surprisingly yes" I nodded.

He walked out into the other room anwsering a phone call to i believe was from a girl named Anna. His girlfriend. I met her a couple of times, she was nice but she never gave Jake space. To my relief Hannah rushed into the kitchen

'I am so sorry! It got late and i was drinking and i wasn't sober enough to drive' She said hugging me.

'Its fine I ended up watching the Avengers with your Boring brother' I laughed.

'Haha, smells good in here, save me some eggs, im going to have a shower in 2 minutes' She said sitting down unzipping her boots

'Where are you parents?' I asked.

'Oh, they had to go out of town for a couple of days to a funeral.' she said.

I nodding and watched her walk away while Jake walked back into the kitchen and waited for food.

'Order up!' I said placing food infront of his face and sat down across from him.

'Amanda Stevens, I must say you are a wonderful cook' He said plowing down his food like a lion who hasn't aten in the past year.

'Why thank you Mr.Reid.' I laughed.

I realized that we were flirting a bit so i quickly faded my smile and concentrated on my food. I think he noticed to cause he didn't bother to say anything else when he realized it bothered me. I had just gotten over my ex boyfriend Tyson and I was just getting back into the game. He was off limits at all times. Even if Jake was single it wouldn't be right since he was my best-friends brother. 

After i finished eating i cleaned off my plate and placed into the dishwasher then dashed down the stairs into my guest room.

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