It doesn't matter anymore

When Harry styles meets Kathrine on twitter, he begins to fall for her. When he finally sets up a date to meet each other in person, there seems to be a small detail that Kathrine didnt tell Harry and it breaks his heart. Read it to find out what happens :)



(A/N): the winner of the contest is... Kathryn! Basically she was the only one who sent me an application so thank you Kathryn. You are officially my favorite reader.

~still Monday~

"This is Kathryn." Niall says. "She's my girlfriend."
"Hey." Kathryn smiles at me. I have to admit, she's pretty. She has deep brown eyes and beautiful dark brown hair with lighter brown highlights.
"Hi Kathryn." I walk into the living room and sit on the couch with them.
"That's gonna get confusing." Louis says.
"What?" Niall asks.
"Kathryn, Kathrine. Nialls girlfriend and Harry's girlfriend have the same name."
"She's not my girlfriend." I say a bit louder than I intended.
"Anyway, we should go." Niall grabs Kathryn's hand. "We have dinner reservations."


I wake up and instantly remember about the surgery. I get out of bed as quickly as possible and roll myself into the bathroom. I brush through my hair quickly and don't even bother to make myself look good. It doesn't matter today.
"MOM LETS GO!!!! THE QUICKER WE GET THERE THE QUICKER IT'S OVER!" I yell down the stairs at my mom.
"Sweetie, it's not scheduled until 9:30." She says, annoyed.
"What time is it?" I ask impatiently.
"8:45." She says. I go downstairs so I can talk to her face to face.
"We only have 45 minutes!" I shout.
"The hospital is only a 15 minute drive away." She says, turning a page in her newspaper.
"Oh, come on! Lets get there early." I drag her out to the car and get in the passengers seat. I do the usual wheelchair procedure where I open the back door and put my wheelchair inside
"Last time I'll ever be doing that again!" I say. I put on my seat belt and look at mom, who is staring emotionless at the steering wheel.
"What's wrong?" I ask.
"What? Nothing. I'm just... scared." She says.
"Why? Aren't you happy?"
"Yes, but what if something happens to you? What if it doesn't work?" She remains staring at the steering wheel.
"But what if it does? It's worth a try."
"I guess so. I just wish.... your dad was here to see it." She turns the car on.
"Mom, think about the positive. Dads in a better place and I'm finally getting my legs fixed." I say. Mom sighs and pulls out of the garage.
I noticed how we never ever talk during car rides. We sit there silently, but when we're not in the car, we talk nonstop. I guess she just likes to concentrate on the road.
When we get there, mom helps me with my wheelchair and pushes me inside the hospital.
"Hi we have a scheduled leg surgery for Kathrine Amira." Mom says to the lady at the desk.
"Ah, yes. M'am, you can sit in the waiting room or you may go home and we will call you when the surgery is over. It will take approximately 19 hours." The lady says.
"Thank you." Mom sits in a chair in the waiting room.
"Follow me right this way please." The woman leads me to a room in the back of the hospital where there are several doctors putting on gloves and masks.
"Hello Kathrine how are you doing today?" One of the doctors says.
"Good." I gulp. I'm actually a little nervous about this now.
"Will you please lay down on this bed Kathrine." He orders. I do as he says and haul myself onto the hospital bed.
"Alright. You won't even feel a thing." The last thing I see is the doctor hovering over me, then a sharp pain in my arm. Then blackness.

~*~*kats dream while she's passed out for surgery~*~*
(In her dream, she is six years old and can still walk)
"Honey, everything's okay." His calm voice soothes me.
"Dad?" I look up at him.
"Yes darling?" He stokes my hair which was a tangled mess.
"Where's mommy?" I ask.
"She ran to the store. She'll be back soon." He kisses the top of my head. The sound of thunder makes me jump and bury my face into dads t shirt. The flash of lighting made me shiver in fright.
"I hate storms." I whisper.
"I know you do pumpkin." He continues to stroke my hair.
"Daddy, can you sing me that song?" I ask.
"Which one?" He whispers.
"The one about the girl with diamond eyes." I say. He chuckles a bit.
"There was a girl, a precious girl, her eyes were like diamonds her hair was like snow. Her voice like a canary but she didnt know how special she was, she's beautiful." His voice cracks at the end and he coughed a few times.
"Where's mommy?" I ask again.
"I told you, she's at the store." He says.
"When is she gonna be back?" I ask.
"Soon." He kisses my forehead.
~end of dream~

(A/N): Hello! I promise that this is not the end of Kathryn. You will definitely be seeing more of her. I'll try to update again today for you guys. For now, have a lovely afternoon. See ya soon.

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