It doesn't matter anymore

When Harry styles meets Kathrine on twitter, he begins to fall for her. When he finally sets up a date to meet each other in person, there seems to be a small detail that Kathrine didnt tell Harry and it breaks his heart. Read it to find out what happens :)


8. CHAPTER SIETA <I have no idea how to spell that


The sound of something falling on the floor wakes me up. I look across the room to see my car standing where my laptop had been, and my laptop on the floor.
"Tess!" (Her cat.) I roll my eyes and throw a stuffed animal at her. She jumps off the table and scurries out of the room.
I go downstairs and see my mom crying at the kitchen table. I forgot to make her tell me what's wrong yesterday.
"Mom?" I pat her back slightly.
"I'm fine. And your staying home from school today." She says in her hands.
"I think it's time I tell you what's going on." She looks at me. "Honey, your dads funeral is today."
"Funeral? What funeral? Oh my god." My dad. He was a cop. He had to go to Michigan to do an investigation on a crime scene. "What happened? He's... dead?"
"He died four days ago. I just can't keep it in any longer." She buries her face in her hands.
"What happened?" I repeat.
"Th-the criminal went on a shooting spree. He killed nine people, including your father. Now we have no source of income." She says.
"I'm sorry." I say barely above a whisper.
"Sweetie, it's not your fault. Just go get ready for the funeral or something."
I head back upstairs and curl my hair. I put I the same makeup as yesterday, forgetting to curl my eyelashes again.
My dad is gone. My dad. He's gone. This doesn't even feel like reality right now. It feels like a dream. Actually, it feels like a nightmare. I'll never see him again. And I never even got to say goodbye.

~flashback time!~

"Honey, I'm leaving now!" He opened my door a crack and peeked in.
"Dad! I'm on the phone!" I rolled my eyes. Mom opened the door all the way.
"Your father is leaving for two weeks. You better get up and give him a hug and a goodbye." She commanded.
"Hang on macie, I gotta go say bye to my dad." I unwillingly got up and gave him a weak hug that lasted probably a half a second. I turned around and picked up my phone again.
"Sorry macie. Where were we? Oh my dad? Yeah he's just going on some stupid trip for work. I don't know."

~end of flashback~

I treated him like a piece of shit, and now he's gone.
People always knew we were related because we had the exact same baby blue eyes. They sparkle when we smile. Both of us had naturally long eyelashes. He always called me 'mini me' even though I hate it. But now I miss it. If I could only hear his voice one more time. He had the sweetest voice. When I was little, I remember him singing me to sleep. Ha always made up his own little lullabies. They always made me laugh. I think I still remember one.
"There was a girl
A precious girl
Her eyes were like diamonds
Her hair was like snow.
Her voice like a canary
But she didn't know
How special she was
But she was beautiful." I whisper to myself. I just now realize that I'm crying. I look around the bathroom and see my razor calling my name. I take off my pants and take the blade out of the razor. I gently put the blade on my upper thigh and squeeze my eyes shut. Without thinking, I press down.


I stare at my phone and wait for Kat to reply. I've sent her four DMs today. It's already four o'clock so she should be out of school. Oh well. Maybe she just forgot to check her twitter.
Today I'm not doing anything. I just wanna lay in my bed. (Dont feel like picking up my phone. Jk.)
I have no plans. I was actually just planning on talking to Kat all day. I don't wanna admit it, but I kinda feel like I'm obsessed with her. She seems so down to earth.
Maybe since I can't talk to Kat, I'll talk to someone else on twitter.
I scroll through my followers that are online and find another girl. She's not as pretty, but she's still kinda cute. Her name is Nina. (H= Harry. N= Nina.)
H: hey :)
N: Harry styles?
H: that's my name
N: the real one?
H: of course.
N: OMG!!!! Hey harry!!!!
H: hey cutie.
N: can you follow me?!?!
H: sure.
N: thank you so much! Your my hero!
H: thanks :)

Talking to Nina isn't nearly as fun as talking to Kat. Kat is way more down to earth and Nina is too starstruck. Oh well, I guess it could be worse, right?

N: so how are you? Can you tell Zayn to follow me?
H: I'm fine. And I'm not with Zayn right now. Sorry.
N: are you with Louis?
H: yeah but he's taking a nap right now.
N: wow I can't believe I'm actually talking to you.

I was thinking the same about you. Maybe I'll just stick to talking with Kat.

H: thanks :) I love you, but I gotta go now I'm really tired. Bye!
N: okay! Bye! Thanks for following!

I close my laptop and lay down in my bed.
Just one more day.

(A/N): heyyyyy! Sorry for the sad chapter. I promise the next chapter is going to be good. Cuz, ya know, she's meeting Harry. You might even find out what's wrong with her. Just saying. Are you guys excited? I am! I know Christyana is! Okay well bye. Have a good five more hours of christmas!

~Mrs. Horan
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