It doesn't matter anymore

When Harry styles meets Kathrine on twitter, he begins to fall for her. When he finally sets up a date to meet each other in person, there seems to be a small detail that Kathrine didnt tell Harry and it breaks his heart. Read it to find out what happens :)




Today's the day. I'm going to meet Harry Styles. I'm going to try to push away the fact that my dad is sea for one night. It can't be that hard, right?
Oh, I almost forgot. School.
I get out of bed and put on the first shirt and pair of pants I see. I go downstairs to see mom trying to be happy. I can tell its all an act, though.
"Good morning, sweetie!" She says, her voice cracking at the end.
"Good morning mother." I say in a less enthusiastic tone.
"I made you breakfast." She sets down a plate of steaming pancakes on the table.
"Thank you." I take a pancake and eat it as fast as possible.
When I'm finished, I go back upstairs and into the bathroom. I don't feel like doing my makeup today. I'll just do it tonight, when I get home from school. I simply brush my long wavy hair and go back downstairs.
"Mom, can you drive me somewhere after school today?" I ask.
"Sure. Where?" She says with no expression.
"I'm meeting a friend outside the Hancock building at 6 o'clock." I try not to sound too excited about it.
"Okay. Fine by me. But for now, we should get you to school."
Mom gets in the car and I get in the passengers seat. The car ride to school was pretty much silent except for mom yelling at someone for not using their turn signals. She has bad road rage.

~at school, 1st period~

"Kat! Why weren't you at school yesterday?" Macie asks as she sits down next to me.
"I don't want to talk about it." I say. If I talk about it, I might cry. And I want today to be happy.
"Okay. I respect that. Oh! And today is the day you get to meet Harry! You lucky duck!" She whisper shouts.
"Yeah, yeah." I grin.
"You guys are totally gonna fall in love and make cute little Karry babies!" She squeals.
"Karry?" I cock my head.
"Kat plus Harry equals Karry!" Oh goodness. She's getting way too excited about this.
The bell rings for first period and the whole time, Macie talks and talks about me and Harry. Finally, when the bell rings for second period, I go to math class. I don't have Macie in this class so I can have a good 40 minutes of silence.
The whole time my teacher talks, I can't stop thinking about dad. He used to love math. He always helped me with my math homework. My mom was never good at math. She always tried to help me, but she could never figure if out so dad had to push her aside and help me. Then mom would get jealous and try to help me again but he always failed. Then, mom and dad would have a cute little fake fighting moment and end up kissing while I'm still trying to figure out what x equals.
While I lost in my thoughts, the bell rings for third period. I pretty much daydream about dad, and every once in awhile Harry, for the whole day.
Finally, when it's time to go home, Macie meets me at my locker.
"Text me as soon as your date is over. I wanna know every single thing that happened. Maybe you should just wear a secret camera so we can go back and watch it later." Macie says. I laugh.
"No cameras. I will text you, though. Are you taking the bus home today or coming home with me?" I ask.
"I'll take the bus home so you have more time to get ready for your hot date." She winks at me and turns to walk to the busses. I roll my eyes and make my way to moms car.
"How was your day?" Mom asks as I get into the car.
"It was good." I say. She pulls out of the school parking lot and drives home. As soon as we get home, I run upstairs and look in my closet for something to wear tonight. He said to wear something nice. I look in the back where I keep my dresses. I see the one I wore when I went to my friends sweet sixteen birthday party. She was rich so she required us to wear something fancy. It's a red dress that goes to my knees and has tank top straps. It's not impressive enough. Then, I see the dress I bought just before the accident. I had bought it for a party, but I never used it. It's a silver strapless mini dress that cuts off a little about mid thigh. I sigh and try it on. It still fits. Good enough.
Then, I go to the bathroom and stare at my mess of tangled hair and the ugly bags under my eyes. I should start with my hair. I carefully curl it, which takes forever, but I finally get it done. Then, I pull out my makeup bag. I start with foundation to cover up my bags and freckles. Then, I curl my eyelashes and put on mascara. I carefully apply my black mascara with a flick and a touch of bronze eyeshadow. To finish it off, frosty pink lipgloss. I think I look good enough. I check the time. 5:00. Curling my hair really took up a lot of time.
I go downstairs and put my shoes on.
"Mom, we should go now." I shout.
"Why are you dressed all fancy?" She says as she slips her shoes on.
"Me and my friend are going to a fancy restaurant." I say as I get into the car.
"Okay." She sighs and gets in the car again.
The car ride was completely silent. She didnt even have road rage today. The traffic was horrible, but we arrived just in time.


It's 6:04 when I pull up to the Hancock building. I put my jacket on over my suit and put the hood on so nobody will recognize me. I get out of my car and put my head down, but I'm still looking for Kat. I look for that beautiful face. Through a crowd of people, I see that lock of long blonde hair and those baby blue eyes that I could stare at all day. There's that face I was expecting. As for her body, I wasn't expecting that so much.
I walk in her direction and she rolls her wheelchair towards me. I can almost read her mind by the way she stares at her lifeless legs.
"Kat? You look beautiful tonight." I smirk.
"Beautiful? How can I be beautiful with a body like this?" She says.
"How can you not?" I look down at her and she looks up at me. I grab her hand and lead her to the restaurant I had planned for us. It's five stars.
"Table for two." I say to the host.
"Did you have a reservation?" He asks.
"Of course. Styles."
"Right this way." He shows us a table right by the window. It has a perfect view of Lake Michigan. I take my seat, and she, well, she rolls her wheelchair up to the table.
"So, tell me about yourself." I say with a smile.
"You mean about my legs?" She says.
"Sure. Lets start with that." I say.


(A/N): wow. You have no idea how good it feels to finally tell you guys that she's in a wheelchair. Sorry about the cliffhanger. You'll just have to wait for the next chapter to find out more about the accident. I hope you had a happy holiday! I'll try to update again today. If not, then tomorrow for sure. Adios lovelies!

~Mrs. Horan
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