It doesn't matter anymore

When Harry styles meets Kathrine on twitter, he begins to fall for her. When he finally sets up a date to meet each other in person, there seems to be a small detail that Kathrine didnt tell Harry and it breaks his heart. Read it to find out what happens :)



~still Friday night~

"Well," I take a deep breath before continuing. "Back in 2009, I was on vacation with my boyfriend. He was sixteen and I was fourteen. Our parents were best friends and they loves the fact that we were dating, so they agreed to take us to Florida. It was night time, and there was a huge party going on at the beach. It was teens only, no parents. Of course we dropped by to see if it was any fun. We partied until midnight, then we went back to the hotel room. Since both of our parents were sleeping, we decided to sit on the balcony and just hang out." I pause for a moment.
"You know, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to." Harry says.
"He told me he loved me. And I hesitated. I was only fourteen, how could I possibly be in love? So I just smiled and sat there. He asked me if there was something wrong and I told him I didn't love him back. So he stood up and asked me why not? I told him I was too young and that he just wasnt the right guy for me. So, he punched me in the face. Hard. I stumbled backward and forgot that I was on a balcony, so I fell off. Luckily, I landed feet first, but I permanently damaged my legs. My family didnt have enough money for surgery." I try not to cry.
"Kat, I'm so sorry." Harry says.
"It's okay. I just felt like you wouldn't like me because of it." I admit.
"Kat, that is not true. I like you more because of it." Harry says.
"But there's more. I was born with dyslexia." I say. "I can't even read the menu." I smile a bit.
"Need help?" He asks.
"No. I've been here once before. But, um, there's one more thing about me." I look down at my hands.
"No disease in the world will make me like you any less, babe." He smiles.
"I have diabetes. Wait, did you say you... like me?" I can't help but to smile.
"I-" Harry gets cut off by our waiter.
"May I start you off with something to drink? Or are you ready to order?" He says.
"I think we're ready to order. I'll have water and the lobster." Harry says.
"I'll have water and the shrimp please." I say, without taking my eyes off Harry.
"Okay. Your dinner will be ready as soon as possible." He says as he walks away.
"So, Kat, sometime you should come over and meet the rest of the boys." Harry says.
"Really? Okay." I say. I honestly don't know what to say.
"Are you busy this weekend?" He asks.
"No. I'm never busy." I say. He writes his phone number on a napkin and hands it to me.
"You should use this sometime." He smirks.
"Maybe." I tease. I stuff it in my purse.
The waiter comes out of the kitchen with our food.
"Bon appetite." Harry says.


This girl really has bad luck. First dyslexia, then diabetes, then some guy pushes her off a ledge and crushes her legs. Could it get any worse?
We finish up our meal and make small talk. She's actually quite funny and she can make a joke out of her disabilities. But not in a mean or bad way.
As we finish up our date, she sees her mom pull up just on time.
"It was nice meeting you." She says.
"Same to you. Maybe we could do this again sometime?" I suggest.
"Maybe." She says. I open the door for her and she rolls herself out.
"See ya later." She says.
"Bye." I bend down and give her a kiss on the cheek. I turn to walk away when a great idea hits me. "Wait!" I turn around to face her again.
"What?" She says, looking up at me.
"I want to help you. I'll make a twitcam tonight at 10:30. Please watch it." I say.
"Um, okay." She says.
"Bye." I say again.
I drive myself home and look at the time. 10:00. I should warn my fans about the twitcam.
What I post on twitter: doing a twitcam at 10:30! Come and watch it!
I should probably start setting it up now since it usually takes awhile to work.
"HONEY IM HOME." I hear from the living room. Then, Louis bursts through my bedroom door.
"Where have you been?" I ask.
"Me and Zayn went to the bar." He says as he plops down on his bed.
"I'm doing a twitcam in ten minutes." I say.
"You'll see." I finally finish setting up twitcam, and it's already 10:30. I turn the camera on.
"Hey guys. It's just me tonight." I say.
"AND LOUIS!" Lou shouts from the background.
"And Louis. But tonight's twitcam is more of a serious matter." I take a deep breath. "I met this girl who's incredibly sweet, and beautiful, and charming. No, we're not dating, but you could say we're friends. I really want to help her out because she was in an accident a few years back and couldn't afford surgery. What I wanna do is set up a fundraiser for her. Me and the lads will be voluntarily meeting fans at the Hancock building tomorrow at 3:00. It only costs five dollars per person."
"You never discussed this with us!" Louis shouts.
"Shut up!" I throw a pillow at him. "Anyway, please come and sorry for the short notice." I turn off the camera.
"Awww! Who knew you had a heart!" Louis says.
"Oh, shut up Louis."
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