It doesn't matter anymore

When Harry styles meets Kathrine on twitter, he begins to fall for her. When he finally sets up a date to meet each other in person, there seems to be a small detail that Kathrine didnt tell Harry and it breaks his heart. Read it to find out what happens :)



~still Tuesday~

It's already been eight hours. Just eleven more hours to go. The lady at the front desk said I'm allowed to see her nine hours into the surgery. Only an hour left before I can see my baby.
It's 5:30 and I'm a bit hungry. Maybe I'll go to the cafeteria for some food.
I pick up my purse and strut to the cafe. It's filled with parents and children and wives and husbands of loved ones who are in the hospital. I slowly walk past a family with several kids and the parents are fighting.
"But you heard the doctor! He said it himself." The mother is sobbing violently into a napkin.
"Calm down." The father says.
"There's no chance of her surviving." The mother gets up and runs to the bathroom.
I try my hardest not to stare, but I couldn't help eavesdropping.
I buy a ham sandwhich and sit down at an empty table. There was only one word to describe this scene at the cafe: gloomy. Most of the lights were out, lots of people are crying and mourning. It's not a happy place. While I'm lost in my thoughts, I hear a deep voice beside me.
"This place is awful, isn't it?" He says as if he was reading my mind. I nod and look over at him. Beside me sits a man who can't be younger than 50. He's got grayish brown hair and frozen gray eyes. He has giant bags under his eyes and little wrinkles. Just by looking at him, you can tell he's been depressed.
"I'm Robert, or Rob for short." He says.
"I'm Amanda." I say, shyly.
"Nice to meet you." He says. A short, awkward silence passes before he catches me off guard.
"My wife had a heart attack and was rushed to the ER." He murmurs. I look up at him as he takes a bite of his turkey sandwhich.
"I'm sorry." I say. I honestly don't know what to say. I feel bad for this guy.
"My daughter is getting surgery so she can walk again." I say without thinking.
"Wow. I'm... Sorry." He says hesitantly.
"No, no. I guess it's a good thing. I'm just worried it won't turn out the way we expected." I say.
"What do you mean?" He says.
"I don't know. I'm just kinda... crazy." I say.
"Everyone is." He replies. (Omg sorry this is so cheesy) I look down at my sandwhich which I've only taken a few bites out of. I decide I'm not hungry anymore. I look at my watch. It's already 6:15. I've been in here longer than I thought.
"I should go. I'm gonna go visit my daughter." I get up and smile at him. But it's more of a sad smile.
"Good luck." He says.
"You too."


I wake up forgetting where I am for a moment. I look around the room and regain my knowledge of what's going on. I see my mom in the corner. I see Harry. Wait, Harry?
I sit up in the bed and try to move my legs... but I can't. The surgery must have failed. Waste of $4,000.
"Mom? Harry?" I mumble.
"Kat?" They say at the same time.
"I'll go get the doctor." Mom says as she exits the room. Me and Harry stare at each other for a moment this feels like a dream.
"How do you feel?" He asks as he kneels down next to me.
"The same." I say.
"You mean you can't move your legs?" He asks.
"No." My voice crack. I can see tears forming in Harry's eyes.
"How'd you get here? I thought you were in London." I say.
"I couldn't stop thinking about you so I came back." He says right as the doctor comes in.
"Hello Kathrine. How are you feeling?" He says with a pen and a notebook in his hand.
"My legs feel the same. Does this mean the operation was unsuccessful?" I ask.
"Not at all. In fact, the operation was very successful. You'll be able to walk by tomorrow. You're legs just need time to rest and heal." The doctor says. I look over at Harry and he looks at me. His eyes are now filled with excitement.
"So, you can stay here until the morning. In fact, it's highly recommended that you stay here." The doctor says.
"Okay, I'll stay. But I'm hungry." I say.
"I'll get you something to eat." Harry gets up and exits the room.
"If there's anything else you need, don't hesitate to ask." The doctor follows Harry out the door. Me and mom stare at each other for a moment.
"I told you it would work out." I smirk at her.
"Yes, you did." She laughs a bit. "Is it okay if I go home? I'll be back tomorrow morning."
"That's fine." I say.
"Are you sure?" She asks.
"I insist. Go sleep in your own bed." I smile.
"Okay, sweetie." She kisses my forehead and exits the room.
Right as she leaves, I hear a huge booming noise, and then rain. Then I see a bright flash from the tiny window across the room. I begin to shake. Great. I'm all alone in a room with my worst fear. Thunderstorms.
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