It doesn't matter anymore

When Harry styles meets Kathrine on twitter, he begins to fall for her. When he finally sets up a date to meet each other in person, there seems to be a small detail that Kathrine didnt tell Harry and it breaks his heart. Read it to find out what happens :)




I wake up and just sit in my bed. I'm too lazy to haul myself into my wheelchair. I reach over to grab my laptop and I log onto twitter. I look at me and Harry's previous conversations. I feel like this is all happening too fast. He literally just met me and immediately wanted to raise 3,000 dollars for me so I could walk again. I appreciate it, but I feel like he's jumping into it too fast. Right now I guess you could say we're friends, and I wanna keep it that way.
I decide to DM him since I have nothing else to do.
K: hey.
H: hey kitty.
K: what are you up to today?
H: I'm going back to London.
K: oh. Have fun.
H: thanks. What are you doing today?
K: nothing at all.
H: have fun.
K: haha thanks.
H: I kinda don't wanna go back home. :/
K: why not?
H: I wanna see you after your surgery.
K: that's sweet. :)
H: you have to call me right when the surgery is over.
K: okay, I will.
H: I gotta go. My planes about to leave. I'll miss you.
K: okay. I'll miss you too. Bye
H: see ya later babe.

I close my laptop and look around my room. It's so empty and boring. Maybe I'll invite macie over today.


I knock on Kats front door and her mom greets me.
"Hey macie! Are you here for Kat?" She says with a smile.
"Yeah. She invited me over." I say.
"Come on in." She opens the door wider and lets me in. I already know Kat is in her room. That's where she always is on the weekends. I run up the stairs and burst into her room.
"KAT! What happened? How was he? Did he kiss you? Did he pay for your meal? I heard about that fundraiser! What the hell? What the heck happened?" I sit on her floor.
"Umm he was good. He did not kiss me. He did pay for my food. And I don't know. I guess he felt bad for me but he raised $3,000 so I can have my surgery!" She squeals.
"You mean you'll be able to walk?" I shriek.
"Yep. On Tuesday!" She says.
"OH MY GOSH! We can do so many best friend things! Like swimming at the beach! And sports! We should play soccer together! No, wait, volleyball! No, we should take a yoga class together!" I can't help but to get a little too excited.
"Calm down! We can talk about it later." Kat laughs.
"I can't believe it's finally happening! Oh, and tell me about your hot date." I wink.
"It was fun. He took me out to dinner and we just talked about life and stuff." She shrugs.
"Oh come on! There has to be more than that! Was he staring at you the whole night? Did he ask you out on another date?"
"Umm no because he has to go back to London today but he did say we should hang out again sometime." Kat lays back down and stares at the ceiling. "I was just talking to him earlier."
"You should casually bring my name up in conversation. You know, so he can hook me up with Liam." I smirk.
"Okay." She replies.
"I was kidding. You don't have to-"
"No, you should hang out with us sometime. After all, you are my only friend."
"Oh my gosh, I love you so much, Kat." I say.
"I love you too, macie."

(A/N): hey guys. I know this is a super short chapter, but I'll update again today. I'm kinda trying to rush through the next couple chapters so she can have her freaking surgery already. Anyway, I have a question for you. I was thinking about writing a new story (and still continuing this one) about Zayn. What do you guys think about me writing a Zayn fanfic? Yes? No? Please comment. Oh, and happy new year! Bye my lovelies.
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