It doesn't matter anymore

When Harry styles meets Kathrine on twitter, he begins to fall for her. When he finally sets up a date to meet each other in person, there seems to be a small detail that Kathrine didnt tell Harry and it breaks his heart. Read it to find out what happens :)




I stayed up late last night DMing Harry after his twitcam. I cant believe he would do something so nice. He offered to pay for the surgery with his own money, but I turned him down. That's why he's doing this fundraiser.
I wake up at 3:00 p.m. Since I stayed up til 4 in the morning talking to Harry. Wait, it's 3:00 right now. I'm missing the fundraiser!
I haul myself into my wheelchair and speed to the bathroom. I throw my hair up in a messy bun and quickly put mascara on. I rush downstairs and beg mom to drive me to the Hancock building.
"Please mom!" I beg.
"I took you there yesterday." She says. "I don't wanna drive all the way out there again."
"But mom, you don't understand! If you'll only drive me there you'll see why it's so important!" I plead.
"What's going on? I'm not going until you tell me what this is about." She crosses her arms.
"Fine. Harry Styles from one direction is... he's going to be there. You know how much I like him and I've always wanted to meet him. Come on, I just want an autograph." I'm afriad if I tell her what's really going on, she'll get mad. She doesn't want people to know we're poor.
"Fine. Lets go." She grabs her car keys and gets in the drivers seat. I drag myself into the passengers seat, open the door to the back seats, fold my wheelchair up, and put it in the back. I close both doors and turn around.

~Im pretty sure none of you care about the car ride there so lets skip that.~

There's absolutely no where to park. We have to park a couple blocks away. There's screaming teenage girls everywhere. I can barely see Harry through all the crazy fans. I try to get his attention, but he doesn't notice me. I pull out my phone and dial his number.
"Hello?" He answers.
"Harry? It's Kat?" I say. I can barely hear him over all these girls.
"Kat? Hey." He says.
"I'm here at the event. I can see you. I'm at the street corner by a trash can." I try to explain it the best I can. Harry looks my way and sees me. He waves at me and motions for me to come over to him. I start to roll myself over to him.
"Honey!" Mom says. "You have to wait in line!" She follows me. I reach Harry and he gives me a hug.
"Hey Kat." He smiles.
"Kat! You can't cut everyone!" Mom tries to turn me around.
"Of course she can." Harry says. "She's the reason everyone's here."
"What?" She eyes the donation box.
"This fundraiser is for her. I'm charging five dollars plus you can make a donation if you want. This is for Kats surgery. You must be her mother." He shakes her hand. Mom doesn't say anything, but she does give me a 'you're dead when we get home' look.
"So where are the other guys?" I ask to change the subject.
"Louis is in the bathroom. The others are late." He says. At that moment, a black car pulls up and three handsome boys come out. They run over to us with the fans screaming and grabbing at them.
"You guys are late!" Harry says.
"Sorry. There was traffic." Liam says.
"Lads, meet Kat." Harry points to me. I give them a half smile and a wave.
"Hey Kat." Zayn says.
"Nice to meet you." Niall adds.
"Harry talks about you all the time." Liam says. Harry hits him in the stomach to shut him up.
"Anyway, we better start this thing before the fans go nuts." Harry says. "Where's Louis?"
"I'm here!" Louis runs up to us, out of breath. "These people are crazy!"


After three hours of taking pictures and signing CDs and giving hugs, I plop down on my bed, exhausted. I already gave the money to Kat. She said she would count it and DM me when she's done. In the mean time, I should take a nap.

~two hours later~

My phone vibrating in my pocket wakes me up. It's a DM from Kat.

K: ready to know how much money we made?
H: yes.
K: $3,142!
H: that's amazing! How much does the surgery cost?
K: $4,000
H: I'm sorry. I should've made the price $7.
K: no, this is perfect! I can pay for the other $900.
H: are you sure? I can pay for it.
K: no, I'll pay. It's my surgery.
H: okay. I'm exhausted. I'm going to bed now good night.
K: the surgery is planned for Tuesday. Good night.

I lay awake thinking about today. Kat might finally be able to walk again. If the surgery doesn't work, at least we tried. I think about how the guys were talking about her on the way home. Liam says she really has bad luck because of the accident and everything. Niall says he's proud of me for trying to help. Zayn and Louis say she's hot.
I think about how happy she looked the whole time. I think about the way her hair is always perfectly in place, and how her eyes glisten. I think about how fast I'm falling for this girl.
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