It doesn't matter anymore

When Harry styles meets Kathrine on twitter, he begins to fall for her. When he finally sets up a date to meet each other in person, there seems to be a small detail that Kathrine didnt tell Harry and it breaks his heart. Read it to find out what happens :)



He wants to meet me. I never thought this would happen. He wants to see me. But what If he stops liking me once he sees what's wrong with me? Everyone does. Everyone feels sorry for me and thinks I can't do anything by myself. They're wrong.
I drag myself out of bed and go downstairs.
"Hey sweetie!" Mom says.
"Hey Kat!" Macie says. They're both sitting at the dining room table eating breakfast.
"Hey." I sit next to macie and mom makes me some cereal.
"Mom, can I stay home from school today?" I ask.
"I'm sick." I fake a cough.
"I wasn't born yesterday, honey."
She sets a bowl of cereal down in front of me.
"Fine. But can I stay home tomorrow? Because I have a doctors appointment?" I plead.
"Okay. Just this once." She says.
"Thank you." At least I have something to look forward to.

~at school~

"Oh look. Here she comes. The crippled bitch." Angela says. Angela is the meanest, richest, most popular girl in my school. She makes fun of everyone, even her friends.
"Shut it, Barbie." I say as I pass her.
I make it to my locker with macie by my side.
"Do you need help with your stuff?" She asks.
"No, I got this." I get my stuff and head to first period. Thank god I have this class with macie. It's science.
My science teacher, Mr. Erin, always greets me with a smile. He feel bad for me. As for macie, he absolutely hates her. She talks all the time during class. She never does her homework. She's always getting in trouble. Pretty much all her teachers hate her.
"Hello Kathrine." He says. "Macie."
"Good morning Mr. Erin." She rolls her eyes as we pass him.
As usual, we sit in the back of the class. My teachers hate when I sit in the back, but I do it sometimes anyway.


She agreed. I'm gonna meet her on Friday. Just three more days.
I sit on my bed and open my laptop. It's already 7:15 (pm). Maybe Kat is online.
I login to twitter, and sure enough, Kats online.
H: hey kitty.
K: kitty?
H: yeah. Kitty Kat.
K: haha. That's cute.
H: I'm really looking forward to Friday :D
K: yeah, me too.
H: I've been wanting to meet you.
K: awe that's sweet.
H: ;) I gotta go. It was a really long day at work. I'm tired.
K: me too. Long day at school.
H: DM me tomorrow babe?
K: okay. Good night.

I hope this girl is as beautiful as she seems.

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