Samantha has to take care of her little sister after her parents die. Then discovers later her younger sister has gone missing.


1. Taken

              I woke up that morning to the loud screams of my little sister. "HELP ME, AHHHHHHH Sammy please HELP!!!" I looked over at the clock. It's 3:15 am. I cant stand how it feels but I know I have to help her. I thought she was just having a nightmare. I didn't know it would end up like this.

             I ran into Gabby's bedroom. "Gabby, Gabby? Where are you?!?" The first thing I noticed was the window. It's open. The cold Summer breeze blew in. I ran up to the window. 

            "I will find you Gabby, be brave! Whoever did this I will get you!!!" I yelled.   

              I turned around and looked at my baby sisters empty bed, and suddenly it felt like I had been punched in the stomach. I collapsed to the floor and started crying harder then I ever had. Poor, sweet, little Gabby, how could someone do this? I wanted to run to mom and dad but I couldn't, because they had died 3 moths ago in a car accident. Not having them here made me cry even  harder. :'(     

             I was still in Gabby's bedroom hours later. Then I heard my alarm go off in the next room. BEEP, BEEP,BEEP. 

             "Ugh! Not work!" I exclaimed to myself.

             I decided to call in sick because I needed to investigate what happened. I was not going to call the police right now. All they would do right now is put up signs and try to investigate. Which is what I was going to do, even though they would have more technology than me, but I can still investigate. Then I would call the police later, when I have more information.

             I got my camera and downloaded a couple pictures onto my laptop. Then under it I put...

Name: Gabby Machuca  Age: 7 years

Birthday: June 19th 1991   

Description: Hazel eyes, dark brown hair, almost 4 feet tall, ALWAYS wears a pearl (birthstone) necklace 

Reward: $8,000 PLEASE CALL 301-867-5309  (BTW that is Jenny, Jenny's number)

            I made about 50 copies of it. I picked up my keys, purse, and thumbtacks from my dresser, and went out to my car. I must have posted like 5 on every street in the whole town. 

             Once I got back home I went into Gabby's room to start looking around. I looked for about an hour until I finally found a clue. It was a note taped to her old teddy bear.

            That was when I called the police. I told them everything, like what I heard, what I saw, and what I found. I was asked a whole bunch of questions.

             The police went back to my house and searched. Like I said they would. But, what they did that I didn't think of was to ask the neighbors if they saw anything suspicious last night.

             One of my neighbors, David, had a party last night, and he said he saw a guy with a mysterious bag and a rope. But, he said he didn't see him go into my house. 

             I took out the note and read it to the police. It said "It's either the disk or Gabby! ITS ALL UP TO YOU!"  

             Everyone kept asking me what was the disk, but I have no idea. Then I remembered my parents disk (or as they used to call it The Umbrella) This was a TOP SECRET missile defense system, they spent 10 years working on before they had Gabby. I was about 11 years old when they started creating it. Until Gabby was born, and they stopped. 

              So the kidnapper wanted Gabby to see if she knew where The Umbrella/ disk is. But I know she doesn't know where is would be. She doesn't know anything about it.

              I told the police what I remembered and about why I think the kidnapper would be after Gabby. Whoever did this knows about the disk and knows that my only weakness, the only way to really get to me, is through my sister. 


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