Samantha has to take care of her little sister after her parents die. Then discovers later her younger sister has gone missing.


3. Mexican Sombrero clue!!!

                  That next morning I woke up really early to get a good head start. I got up and out of bed at about 7:30 am. I went outside after breakfast and got in the car to try and find the sombrero shop.

                    It took me until 9:15 am. to find the shop I was looking for. I parked my car and walked up to the man selling the hats.

                      "Hello there! May I help you, young lady?" The mad called out. 

               "Uh yes can I have one of your sombreros please?" I said back, realizing there was one sombrero kept aside in a plastic container. 

                "Actually may I have that one back there?" I said as I pointed to the one in the plastic container.

                   The man hesitated. "Um... or you could have this one with the pretty flowers and roses on it!"

              "No thank you. I really need that hat back there!" I said. There was something about that hat back there that I knew there had to be another clue inside it. 

                   "Okay look, my mom and dad died and they sent me here to get that hat!!! Now please just give it to me!" I shouted. 

                   "I'm sorry but I was told that I have to give this to some girl named Samantha Machuca, so please just calm down!" he said.

                  I took a deep breath. "I am Samantha Machuca."

                  "Oh okay. Then why didn't you just say so?!"  He said while handing me the hat.

                 "Thank you! Here you go. Now have nice day!" I said as I gave him the money for the sombrero.

                 I looked inside the sombrero and there was another note. It said "If you haven't figured it out yet, go outside and look to your left." 

                 I put the note in my back pocket and the sombrero on my head, and walked outside. To the left was a bank. Why would they want to lead me to the bank? Then I took out my wallet and looked in the small pocket. I pulled the weird shaped key that lead to the S.D.B (Safety Deposit Box) This key must go to the S.D.B. that is in this bank.

                I walked in the bank and I looked around for the customer service rep. Once I found him, I asked if I could get into the safety deposit box. Luckily all he asked me was "Do you have your key?" So I held up the key and said "Yup, sure do!" :) 

                I put the key into box number eleven and pulled it open, saying "Please be the disk, PLEASE BE THE DISK!" and guess what!? ...... It wasn't the disk -_- just great. It was another note saying "Yay! You have made it this far! Now here is another clue. Go to our special place no one knows. Jump off and hold your breath."

                It took me no longer then 5 mins to remember out trip to Hawaii almost 2 years ago. It was mom's exact words "This is our special place, that only we know about." It was a beautiful place, right next to a pond and a waterfall. I remember that dad found a way to get behind the waterfall.That was what they were talking about. Go behind the waterfall. Then jump off from behind the waterfall, into the water and hold my breath. Hopefully this is the last clue and the disk is in the pond.

                Now I needed to go to Hawaii. I went back to the hotel and packed up my stuff. I was off to the airport...again.

                I got the soonest plane to Hawaii as I could. I got on the plane and again I thought about how upset mom and dad would be if I just gave away their hard work.

                I started to think of a plan. A plan that would save Gabby and mom and dad's disk.             


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