Samantha has to take care of her little sister after her parents die. Then discovers later her younger sister has gone missing.


2. First Clue

                 This was going to be the first time I went into mom and dad's room since they died. But I had to find the disk. I took a deep breath and slowly pushed the door open.        

                    "OH MY GOSH!!!!" I screamed.

                   My guess was that the kidnapper was looking for the disk and just tore everything apart. The whole place was just a mess. The mattress was flipped over and everything was on the floor. Things were broken, flipped, crushed, shattered, and smashed. Things were thrown everywhere!

               I fixed most things and put them back in their place. But when I was cleaning up I found this envelope, and on the front it sad"To my sweetheart Samantha". it was from my mom and dad. I opened it, But it's not what I expected it to be. The note read ...

Dear Samantha, 

      If you are reading this it means something has happened to your mother and I. And you trying to find The Umbrella (our creation) Your mom and I have made clues that only you could figure out. Now, take the key on the back. It leads to our Safety Deposit Box. Okay, here is you first clue... If you could have any hat, go to the special shop where you could find it. 

                 With all the love in the world. We will always be with you, Mom & Dad 

                  I looked on the back and there was a really weird shaped key. I took the tape off of it, and put it in my wallet for safe keeping.

                  My big question was what kind of hat I wanted. It took me a while to figure out they where talking about our recent trip to Cancun, Mexico

                       We were in Cancun, Mexico and I remember that all I wanted was a Mexican sombrero. But I never got one so that sucked :( . So I'm guessing I have to fly to Mexico now and go to that shop. Well sound just great. -_-

                   I had to get packed and ready for my trip to Cancun, Mexico. I wasn't sure what to bring so I just brought a little bit of everything. I hoped that the trip wouldn't be long but I still didn't know how long it would be.    

                    I got in my car and drove to the airport. Once I actually got on the plane I was thinking about how upset my mom and dad would be if they found out I was just going to give their 10 years of work to some person I don't even know. Only if there was another way to get back Gabby!

                     I finally got to Mexico and I rented a car and checked in at the closest hotel I could find. It has been a really long day and I was getting really tired. It was already like 11:30 pm.          

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