Samantha has to take care of her little sister after her parents die. Then discovers later her younger sister has gone missing.


6. Finally got Gabby back!

                       I pulled up in front of the hotel and took my bags out of the trunk. I called the police to tell them to come meet me there, secretly. They got there and we walked inside. I asked the front desk what floor was room 316 was.

                       "Um yes, I believe it is on floor 3" the lady said.

                     I rolled my bag up to the elevator, and we all went in. The only noise in there was the cheesy elevator music. Once I found it I brought my bag up to the room door. One cop stood to the right of the door and the other stood on the left, ready to arrest the jerk who took Gabby. I took out the disk that I needed and my room key. I took a deep breath and slowly put the card in the door. 

                   "OH MY GOD! IT'S YOU?! What? But. Your. Huh? What?!" I barely managed to get the words out of my mouth.

                            I could NOT believe what I saw! It was David, my neighbor. But he said he saw some guy with a mysterious rope and bag and stuff. He was telling a HUGE lie that whole time. Ugh!!! How could he live like this. I thought he was my friend. A friend to help me get through these rough times. But NO. 

                             He has his laptop in his hands and he was sitting on the bed.

                             "Look who finally showed up!" David said.

                             I saw Gabby sitting in the chair next to the bathroom. She was crying and her mouth was duct taped. Also it looked like she was tied to the chair. O.M.Gosh poor little thing! I ran over to her and gave her a HUGE hug. 

                       "Okay, here you go." I said handing him the disk labeled The Umbrella.

                               "But I will take it back, unless you give me Gabby first. Then you can take the disk. I promise. I just want my little sister back." I shouted, yanking the disk back.

                                "Okay, okay I will" he said as he stood up and walked over to Gabby. 

                           He stood in back of the chair and untied the ropes. Then before he could take the duct tape off her mouth. She ran over to me and jumped in my arms. I held her with one and and used the other to take the tape off her mouth.

                                "OH MY GOSH SAMMY! I missed you so much. Why didn't you come sooner? Oh well as long as you here now. I am just so, so, SO happy to see you! This man is evil." She said really fast.

                             "Oh my gosh Gabby I missed you so much too and man, you would not believe what I had to do to get here! It felt like I went all over the world." I said with a big smile on my face. :D

                                  "Anytime today!? Thank you very much!" David said.

                                 I handed him the disk and he said "Wait let me check it first because how do I know your not just handing me some fake disk?"

                        "Come on! She is my little sister. Don't you think if I were handing you some fake disk I would have done it a LONG time ago!?" I exclaimed.

                              "Hmmmm, very true. Okay you may go now!" David yelled.

                           We walked out and I shut the door. Gabby and I sat down on the chairs almost two doors down from room 316.

                             "Are you ready Gabby? He should be screaming in 3, 2, and... NOW" I whispered to Gabby.

                          "MY LITTLE PONY MOVIE! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" We heard David yelling.

                        Gabby and I started to crack up. David came running out and I yelled. "QUICK, GABBY HIDE!"

                              We both jumped to the floor and watched from the chairs, and we watched David get tackled by the cops and handcuffed.

                            Gabby shouted "HA that is what you get Mr. Meany-pants!!!"

                            And we BOTH walked out, and finally went home. 

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