Senseless Love

My names Annabelle Williams, but you can call me Anna. Im a senior at Jameswell High in london. With my friends Eleanor Calder, Liam Payne and my best friend Harry Styles im enjoying my life. Its pretty cool, no complications, no worries.

Thats is until...

This new guy moves here. Zayn. I think it is. Zayn Malik. He's very charming and so very mysterious. With all the girls swooning over him, he only seems to be interested in me.

But why? Im not even that pretty.

Im finding to like him more and more.

Atleast until Harry steps in.

Senseless Love?

May as well be.


4. **4**

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"Anna?" I heard a voice call. I looked behind me to see Harry, who looked very confused. Heat spread to my cheeks as I blushed thinking about the new guy. He actually winked at me and smiled. That was very new, cause I dont really get that kind of reacton from guys that looked like that. I mean if you include Harry and Liam but they did it on purpose to annoy me.

"What Harry?" I groaned. He gave me his cheeky little smile I hated so much, but I kind of loved it because it made me smile too. I rolled my eyes and continued walking toward class still on the look out for Eleanor and Liam. Im sure they're already in class those nerds.

"Nothing, nothing at all. Just looking at that new kid who was drooling over you"

I elbowed him in the stomach and pushed him away lightly. But ofcourse no matter how many times I try to get rid of him he always comes back. He linked his arms through my arm laughing at my facial expression. I gave him a hug before stepping into class and taking my usual seat besides Eleanor. She was talking to Louis who sat beside her, giggling and whatnot. Realizing I had arrived she looked over at me beaming her gorgeous smile.

"Hey! Were where you?" she asked. I filled her in about what happened his morning. The new kid walked into class, bag slung over one shoulder he showed his schedule to the teacher. He was just so interesting I dont know what it was about him. But there was something that pulled me towards him, I wanted to get to know him.


What is wrong with me?

"Everyone! Everyone settle down please! Louis sit in your desk not on it thank you, you too Mr. Payne" Mr Beaman started, his voice was ever so annoying. "Okay so today, we have a new student, Mr Zayn Malik. Please be aware and be supportive towards him, okay?"

All of us nodded in agreement even though some of us just did it because we were told to. Except for all the girls that swooned over him, I could practically smell the lust in this room. Mr.Beaman whisperd into Zayns ear and pointed to a desk besides Louis. As he walked toward his desk he looked over at me and smiled.

My heart hammered hard against my chest, my cheeks felt hot again, I quickly looked down at my hands. The feeling of complete and utter happiness overwhelmed me. I could not even understand myself at the moment and refuse to beleive that he actually smiled at me like that. I looked over to where he was sitting as Mr.Beaman began his lecture. I see completely concentrated on the lecture, but as if he felt me looking at him, he turned his head toward me.

His eyes sparkled with mischeif as he looked down at my lips and bit his own. He looked back up at me, staring into my eyes before looking away.

I seriously think my heart stopped beating. I couldn't hear anything and it felt like time itself had slowed down. I was in a daze, a beautiful amazing place. Where there would be just him and me no one else. Not even Harry.

Wait, Harry?

"Anna!" I heard my name being called harshly. I blinked my eyes and lightly shook my head. Looking at Eleanor I didn't realize that she was talking to me while I was drooling over Mr. perfect.

"Huh? Im sorry El, what did you say?"

She looked pretty upset and returned her attention back to the lecture. I looked around room and saw everyone taking notes like it was the question of their life. I never ever evert my attention like this, especially for a guy. I take out my notebook and start taking notes. But I couldnt understand a single thing as my mind kept going back to Zayn and the way he stared at my lips.



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