Senseless Love

My names Annabelle Williams, but you can call me Anna. Im a senior at Jameswell High in london. With my friends Eleanor Calder, Liam Payne and my best friend Harry Styles im enjoying my life. Its pretty cool, no complications, no worries.

Thats is until...

This new guy moves here. Zayn. I think it is. Zayn Malik. He's very charming and so very mysterious. With all the girls swooning over him, he only seems to be interested in me.

But why? Im not even that pretty.

Im finding to like him more and more.

Atleast until Harry steps in.

Senseless Love?

May as well be.


3. **3**

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated in a long time but now that will change. I dont know if I want to make this a Zarry love triangle with Annabelle. Is it too cliche? Let me know please! I really want to know what you guys think!


Any suggestions or ideas feel free too comment and i will incorporate it in my story! :) Youre opinions and ideas are very important to mee. And whoever gives me the best idea ill dedicate that chapter to you, I promise! :)


I have another fanfic im going to post on here its called "With You" its a another harry styles. I'll post that one soon! Please dont forget to leave your comments and ideas!


I want to thank everyone for reading my fanfic, I truely work hard on it for you guys so you can enjoy and i try not to make it soo clichee. LOL




Thank you all!



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