Senseless Love

My names Annabelle Williams, but you can call me Anna. Im a senior at Jameswell High in london. With my friends Eleanor Calder, Liam Payne and my best friend Harry Styles im enjoying my life. Its pretty cool, no complications, no worries.

Thats is until...

This new guy moves here. Zayn. I think it is. Zayn Malik. He's very charming and so very mysterious. With all the girls swooning over him, he only seems to be interested in me.

But why? Im not even that pretty.

Im finding to like him more and more.

Atleast until Harry steps in.

Senseless Love?

May as well be.


2. **2**

Hey guys! (: So this is my new fanfic im writing on my own. I hope you all like this story, your in for a ride! Might seem boring at first, but thats cause its just the beginning. I promise you'll like it!! 

Also just want to let you know that the members of one direction in this fanfic are playing as normal people they arent famous in this story. Just the same people, but not famous.


And also please please comment and vote! I want to know if you all like it! Thank you! (:

Enjoy :D  




I woke up to the sound of my annoying alarm clock. Rubbing my eyes I sat up, the thick purple comforter rolling of my torso. A little ray of sunshine peeked through my lavender curtains, but despite the little heat it was still cold.  

Getting out of my warm bed I slipped into my fluffy slippers and walked on to the bathroom. I turned the shower tap on to medium hot and shed my clothes before stepping in to steam filled tub.

Oh yes, this felt amazing. The hot water was relaxing my tense muscles and I felt myself exhaling a long breath. I let the water wash over my body and hair. Brushing my teeth I pull the curtain back looking at the time.

Oh god 7:15! Harrys gonna be here soon. And today I know I'll get another lecture about waking up early and being on time. Sometimes Harry just annoys me so much that I avoid him for hours. Which he doesn't really care about because he'll come over and continue to annoy me.

I quickly get out of the shower and run to my room. I put on some denim skinny jeans and a red sweater top. As I was brushing my long wavy brown hair I hear my mom call me from downstairs.

"Anna! Harrys waiting outside for you!" she yells. I slip on my black flats and grab my school bag.

"Coming mum!"

I look myself in the mirror noticing my eyes. They look very green today, which never happens. My eyes were the color of the sea, green and blue. But usually the blue dominated the green. How odd for it to be this color. Looked like Harrys, but lighter.

Oh shit, Harry!

I ran downstairs, gave my mum a kiss and sped through the door. Harry was there in his black camry. I felt the goosebumps on my arms due to the cold October air.

I finally sat in the car, hot heat warming my cheeks and body as soon as I stepped in.

"Took you long enough, Jeez" Harry said. He was wearing loose skinny jeans and a black hoodie with a jean jacket over it cut at the sleeves. He wore his favorite black beanie, the curls poking out on the sides.

"Oh shut up. Now get going or we're going to be late!" I laughed. He started to drive as I did my seatbelt. I looked out the window, the beatiful trees ruffling in the wind as leaves of red, yellow and brown fell to the ground.

It was so breath taking, I wish I had my camera to take a photo.

"Are you even listening?"

I looked back at Harry not realizing he was even talking.

"Huh? What?" I answered. He sighed and gripped the steering wheel.

"I was saying, what do you really think of El and Louis being together?" he asked. His eyes were fouced on the road so I couldnt tell what he really meant.

I shrugged "I dont really have a problem Harry. Its just, I dont want her to get hurt thats all"

"Thats the thing Anna she won't, trust me. Louis is not the jerk you see him as"

Well if Harrt was saying this then maybe I should rethink my opinion. It wasnt common for him to actually like a person enough to defend them.

"I guess your right" I sighed. Harry smiled at my answer.

We finally arrived at school, Harry parked at his usual parking spot. I stepped outside, cool wind blowing my hair back. I shivered despite my thick coat.

Harry and I walked toward the entrance, warm air welcomed us as we stepped in. My hands started to heat up as I rubbed them together. I looked around for Eleanor and Liam, but didnt see them.

But I saw someone who Ive never seen before.

He was standing there against the wall near the front office. He was wearing black jeans, a white t-shirt that read 'cool kids dont dance' and a black leather jacket on top. His hair was dark that was gelled up, those perfectly chiseled cheekbones,jawline and light tan skin were such a beautiful sight. His pink lips were smiling as he caught me staring.

He winked at me.

I quickly looked away, embarassed. Ive never seen him in class or on campus.

Who was he? 



Thank you all for reading! :)

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