Senseless Love

My names Annabelle Williams, but you can call me Anna. Im a senior at Jameswell High in london. With my friends Eleanor Calder, Liam Payne and my best friend Harry Styles im enjoying my life. Its pretty cool, no complications, no worries.

Thats is until...

This new guy moves here. Zayn. I think it is. Zayn Malik. He's very charming and so very mysterious. With all the girls swooning over him, he only seems to be interested in me.

But why? Im not even that pretty.

Im finding to like him more and more.

Atleast until Harry steps in.

Senseless Love?

May as well be.


1. **1**

"Okay so let me get this straight. You actually like Louis Tomlinson?" I was so not going through with this Eleanor has definetly lost her mind, yup she's gone mad. I dont even think she know what she's saying. The cold weather has numbed her brain.

"Oh cmon Anna! He's so charming and I think he likes me!" Eleanor stated. Her greenish brown eyes looked into mine, she stared at me with a scowl on her flawless face. I can't beleive she actually likes that sassy jerk. He thought he was so cool just cause he was the popular guy at school. I mean so is Niall, but he's so much nicer than Louis.

Louis is cool sometimes, but I just dont know about this. He was pretty charming I guess. Most girls swoon over him and his blue eyes. But it wasn't usual for Eleanor to like any guy. She's just not the type, being an honor student and all.

"Eleanor.." I said in a warning tone. She huffed and layed down back on my bed pulling the comforter over her.

"Aw El dont listen to her, you know how she is" Harry said as he closed the door behind him. He was smiling his cheeky smile, dimples forming on his cheeks. Eleanor got up at the sound of his voice. She sighed and shrugged.

"Guys im just giving an opinion, okay?" I angrily said. Harry came and sat on the bed with Eleanor and I. Rolling my eyes I looked between the two.

"Anna its her life just chill and plus I know Louis. He's pretty cool"

Harry looked at Eleanor who was smiling widely. She was so gorgeous any guy would want to be with her. Louis is hot and all but I know how he was. He was my ex, back in 9th and 10th grade. The year before Eleanor moved down here.

She was so shy and really quiet. I didn't even know she was in my fifth hour until Harry mentioned her. We've been friends ever since. Along with Liam, who came 8th grade and told me I was pretty while shying away. He was such a adorable guy. Still is. Always there when I needed him.

But Harry and I, well we go way back. We've been friends ever since we were babies. Our parents were a group together back in high school. We did everything together, school dances, emotional breakdowns and now high school. He was my best friend and everyone knew it. We were pretty well known in school, we were always voted best friends of the year every single time.

"Eleanor, im not telling you what to do. Im just warning you" I finally said. She giggled any hugged me so tightly I fell back on the bed with her on top.

"Oh god yes! Some girl action!" Harry grinned. I escaped from under Eleanor and pushed Harry so hard he fell off the bed laughing.

"Pervert!" I laughed. He stood up and sat back on the bed. He got on his iphone, probably texting Liam.Eleanor and I got back to doing our history homework.

"Oh god Mrs. Harley is so awful giving us all this work!" Eleanor complained. She is right, she is horrible. I dreaded her class, ironically enough I had her first hour which was a terrible start of the day.

"Well I better go, my mum wants me home by 9"

Eleanor started to pack her things, she gave me a hug goodbye and walked out the door. Leaving Harry and I alone.

He was laying there on his back, wearing a white V-neck and grey sweats. I could easily see his sculpted torso. He worked out alot, but I never really saw him without his shirt on. Thankfully. I mean that's so gross, he's my best friend. Its weird to think of him like that.
Kinda happy I haven't fallen in love with him like everyone usually does.

Glad it won't happen to me.


So how do you guys like it?

Boring? Good?

Please comment!!! (:

Thank You all-Laraib :D
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